Tips For Debugging a Windows Shell Extension

This is just a brief article to note the debugging work flow I used while recently developing the Associated Windows Shell Extension. Windows Shell Extensions can be a bit tricky to debug, especially when you use the live Windows Explorer to test your work, as I do. The work flow I use is not very complicated, and doesn’t require hacking the Windows Registry (as some techniques do). There are other work flows that run separate Explorer processes, and do not require elevated privileges, but this is the work flow I use.

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Associated: A Windows Shell Extension

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Most things you see around you in life are there because somebody one day had a need that the current crop of available tools could not satisfy. Seeing the need, a tool maker then created (and eventually refined) a tool so everybody could get the job done. Of course, one of the really cool things about being a tool maker is that you never have to wait for somebody else to solve your problem.

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