Android Market and the Zenithink ZT-180

You’re probably scratching your head: What the heck is a Zenithink ZT-180? Well, the ZT-180 is a 10.2″ Touch Tablet running Android 2.1 (details here). I purchased mine directly from China (via eBay), but I hear rumors that it is starting to sell domestically in the US. You may run into one eventually.

Admittedly, this article is targeted to a comparatively small segment of people who own the Zenithink ZT-180, but those who do own one find that its firmware doesn’t automatically come with the Android Market. This issue has been resolved by others (whom I will entirely credit herein). I am writing this article to fill in some gaps that I had to work through on my own through trial-and-error. This will hopefully leave you, the ZT-180 owner, with a clear guide to enabling the Android Market on your device. (And it will leave me with a reminder of what I need to do after I flash the next update. ;))


NOTE: Please read the entire article before taking any action. There may be updates you should be aware of appended to the end.

First, if you don’t already have it, download the current Android SDK and unzip it to a location of your choosing. You will also need a current version of the Java JDK installed on your machine. Then, download the RPMScript0.9 (courtesy of rpmccormick’s work [post #604]). This file should be copied into the tools folder of your Android SDK (e.g., [install-path]\android-sdk-windows\tools) and extracted there. This will create a sub-folder called “RPM-addon” that you will use later on.

Next, you’re going to need a Market id for your device. This guide provides details on using an Android 1.6 AVD from the Android SDK to generate a unique Market id for use with your ZT-180. Follow the steps, and write down the id that your AVD generates. You’ll need to provide it in a later step.

Updating the ZT-180

You should flash your ZT-180 device to 0818 (mine was 0803 when it arrived). This archive (courtesy of will provide you with all the files you need to accomplish this, including instructions.

Some notes about the flashing process:

  • This will only work with 32-bit Windows systems (I performed my flashing under XP, because it was the only machine I had that was 32-bit).
  • Flashing from a 32-bit Windows VM will not work. The first element flashed (uboot) will cause the device to be disconnected, and then subsequent attempts by the flasher to find the device in order to continue the flash will fail. It must be performed from a stand-alone operating system installation.
  • You may end up flashing several times while you are working on this, so keep your 32-bit machine handy until you’re satisfied with the results.

Off To Market

Once you’ve flashed your device to 0818, you need to install a couple of files. They are: UniversalAndroot.apk, which gives you the ability to provide root access to applciations; adbWireless.apk, which will allow you to interact with your ZT-180 over your wireless connection using the Android SDK’s adb command.

  • Install both applications (from a TF/microSD card, from a USB drive, or by selecting the links above directly from your ZT-180).
  • Run the Universal Androot application, and “root” your device. Rooting the device must succeed for you to be able to continue.
  • Once you’ve “rooted” your device, reboot (you may not have to do this, but I found that I had to in order to get the next application to run).
  • Go into “Settings -> Sound & Display -> Screen Timeout” and change your screen timeout to 10 minutes. This prevents the Android setup screen from timing out while you’re waiting. You can set it back to whatever value you like after you have completed the Android Market setup.
  • Make sure your WiFi is connected to the same network as the machine where the Android SDK resides, and then run the adbWireless application.
    • The adbWireless application will start in an active state, but don’t be fooled: it is not really active. You need to turn it off (press the Red button) and then turn it back on again (press the Green button) in order to actually get the adbWireless to function.

Once your device is ready and waiting on the WiFi, open a shell window (command prompt under Windows) and navigate to the location where you extracted the RPMScript0.9 files (e.g., [install-path]\android-sdk-windows\tools\RPM-addon). At this point, you should run the “RPMScript.bat” file found in that folder, and follow the instructions (to the letter) found in rpmccormick’s post for version 0.9 of his script.

Some things to note:

  • Your ZT-180 is showing you the IP address of the device while the adbWireless is running. Be sure to use that.
  • Typically, I connect to the device before running the script using the command “adb connect <IP>:5555” command shown by adbWireless, but it is probably not necessary. The RPMScript will connect as one of its steps. How you do it is up to you.
  • The RPMScript is broken into two steps. Follow them, along with rpmccormick’s instructions in his post. The first action in each step will likely result in an “error: device not found” message, but you can safely ignore that and move onto the next steps.
  • After each reboot, you’ll need to hard reset the device by holding down the power button for 10 seconds to cycle the device off. This is noted in the instructions of the RPMScript after you reboot, but it bears repeating here.
  • Since you set your screen time out to 10 minutes, the Android setup screen should not time out, and after the 5 minute wait, you should continue with the instructions.

Sub-step #3 of step #1 of the RPMScript (“Delete unessasary [sic] files…”) will run through your freshly flashed 0818 device and remove currently installed applications. You may or may not want to remove everything it suggests. I chose only to remove a subset of items. Here’s how my step ended up:


Let’s Go Shopping!

After you complete the two-step process, the Market should be available on your device. You need only start it, log into or set up your account, let it synchronize, and then run it again, accepting the terms of service, before you have full access to the Android Market on your Zenithink ZT-180!

UPDATE 9/2/2010: New firmware released for the ZT-180, 0827:

  • Improved 1080p video support
  • Added support for evdo 3G device

Haven’t flashed this yet, nor attempted a new activation of the market. I will post an update when I do.

There is also an update to RPMScript, RPMScript1.2. As with the new firmware, I have yet to use this, and will include info any differences it may have from 0.9 after I flash the new firmware.

UPDATE 9/4/2010: I flashed my ZT-180 with 0827 using the RPMScript1.2. All went well until I attempted to use the Market. Using the Market gave me an error message “Server unavailable. Please try again later.”. I tried over and over to get it to work, even going so far as to generate a new androidID, thinking that might be the issue, but got the same error when I tried to bring up the market.

However, it turns out not to be an issue with the firmware, but rather a synchronization issue with the Market. Since it had all worked immediately with 0818, I expected the same thing with this firmware, and interpreted this error message as a failure in the process. However, posts from the great guys over at xda-developers (thanks, notsaw!) made me realize that I had to let the tablet sit for a while and the Market would eventually enable itself. I now have the Market working under 0827!

UPDATE 10/31/2010
Here are links to various firmware downloads from my personal server:

0929 System Image (“Christian Buchner” version)
1013 1024×600
1013 1024×576


302 thoughts on “Android Market and the Zenithink ZT-180

  1. Jacauc says:

    Thanks for the great post…

    one question with regard to the “Server unavailable. Please try again later.” issue…

    I am experiencing this too… do I just open market, and when I get that message, I do not click ok and wait for it to fix itself?

    • bobhood says:

      You can click “Ok”, and even exit the Market (I think it will anyway as soon as you click the button). When you get this message, the only thing you can do is wait. The Google servers are synchronizing your id, and you will not be able to get in until that is complete.

      How long it will take is unpredictable. I’ve had it come up after letting the device sit idle for an hour, but I’ve heard others having to wait a full day to get access.

  2. Jacauc says:

    Now I just need to figure out the wifi issue… when I enable wifi, I get a message “close eth0. wifi starts to scan for networks…” and then wifi is disabled automatically.

    Ethernet is also disabled in settings.
    Very frustrating…
    that’s probably why market didn’t enable itself yet, …because I havent been connected for long enough.

    • bobhood says:

      To be honest, I had issues with WiFi in 0827 as well. 0818 would connect to my 802.11n router @ 65Mbs. 0827 will not connect to the same router at all. I’ve had to revert to 0818 as a result.

      You can still have the Market with 0818, and from what I can tell, the only thing that 0827 gives you is 3G drivers (which I don’t use).

      • Bob, you’re on the money – 0827 gave me big issues with WIFI – scans sometimes and then sometimes just sits there doing nothing. Flashed back to 0818 – much better, will live with the occasional FC’s for now.

  3. ZaCloud says:

    I got problem with market, it shows “Server unavailable. Please try again later” when before it load terms of service. So I haven’t even agree on terms of service. is it normal?

  4. bobhood says:

    For those of you who may experience it, I had been running into a problem with the “” process crashing every time I attempted to purchase something from the Market. I could download free items with no problem, but any attempt to purchase just failed horribly without any real indications as to why. The firmware didn’t seem to matter, either. Happened with 0818 and 0827.

    Well, turns out the cause was very simple: I had no Google Checkout account set up. You need to have one established (with a valid credit card applied) before purchasing from the Market will work. Some of you will be thinking “Well, of course, dummy!” However, it never occurred to me that I needed to have that set up beforehand, and in case anybody else runs into the same issue, I’ve just saved you some public embarrassment of your own. 😉

  5. Dennis says:

    I just received my apad today. I noticed that there is a display issue with one part of the screen. The OS cannot use the screen on one side. When I flip it one way, the android menu bar appears about 1/4 inch lower. When I flip it another way, I get a blurry image stripe. It’s always the same side, no matter how you turn it. The sales department told me that I need to talk to service and suggested it may need a flash, but their return policy says that the warranty is voided if I flash it. That would be shady if they void my warranty for flashing a non-working device out of the box. I’m concerned since it arrived this way, but they assure me that the service will contact me with a satisfactory response. We’ll see. Anybody else experience this?

    • bobhood says:

      The only hardware issue I’ve had with my ZT-180 is a single stuck pixel. Given the screen size, it’s not too irritating, and considering the price and the overall quality, I’m living with it. I purchased this just to experience Android 2.1 on a large device, and plan to replace it with one of the new 2.2-based devices that are going to hit the American market by the end of the year.

      Unfortunately, your problem really sounds like a hardware issue, not firmware. I don’t know if flashing it will even help that.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Same problem – we ordered 2 units, one has the problem – the other doesn’t.

      Have flashed it with Windows CE – and it’s not an issue, reflashed with 0827 Android and blurry stripe appears again.
      If you are looking at the pad (landscape) with the Home/Back button on Right Hand Side – strip is at the Bottom of screen. If you looking at the pad (portrait) with the Home/Back button at the top – stripe is on the Right Hand Side of screen. It is annoying – but liveable for now. 1/4 inch or so.

      Waiting on supplier – will post response if I hear anything, and will look out for any posts from you on this as well.

    • Kenny, heard from supplier – they are contacting factory to resolve issue – could be hardware/screen positioning settings. Will be sending me software and app to attempt to resolve – will probably be this afternoon. Hopefully its not 0827 firmware, have tried that – have flashed CE again – and the problem is there – just didn’t take notice of it before.
      Will post follow up when I hear more.

    • Sorry Dennis, just heard from supplier – seems to be hardware fault, video cable related – you can either return to seller for replacement or live with it….My seller offered me a big discount on my next purchase, so will probably live with it and look at something in the near future. The outlay for device was $140 – so all in all, not too bad.

    • Greg says:

      change your firmware /new.ver 1014/ remember about correct res. 1024×600 🙂 that will do the thing…

  6. Williiam says:

    Started downloading these first two files then realized what am I doing. I just do not have the skills to do this, and may ruin my tablet. I have eslide and can get files etc.
    But need basic info on setup and easy stuff. You have done a great job but this shit scares me a bit.

    • Hi William,

      Was pretty straight forward – you can download the firmware file which should includes the Burntool.

      Follow Bob’s instructions – it’s quite simple.

      • corey simmons says:

        is there a way to use a usb bluetooth adapter for this device so i can connect it to my smart phone to us that as my modem is that possible for this device.

      • bobhood says:

        No, currently bluetooth as an audio device does not work with the ZT-180. No drivers are included with the current firmwares. You can use bluetooth as a mouse/keyboard adapter, but not for audio.

  7. I am getting an error “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. – This could b e a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.”

    Any suggestiong – this is pertaining to the Market login ect.

    • I just clicked reply so I could subscribe to this… Also to add that: wifi connection is good; can get on internet; youtube is fine etc.

      Just can’t login to Google Android Market

    • bobhood says:

      A couple of things come to mind:

      1. Your WiFi is on, you’re connected to a router, and that you have a valid Internet connection. Try surfing the web to make sure that’s all working.

      2. Make sure you’ve set the androidID into the device per the instructions.

      3. Make sure you’ve set the time zone, date and time on your ZT-180 before you attempt to connect to the Market.

  8. Thanks bob.

    Everything was right and working….
    I found out that if you go ahead and set up accounts in the email sections to your gmail account, it automatically syncs everything for you and market opens. <– Has anyone else tried this???

    Problem that I have is that I can only download and see FREE apps… I wanted to look at some of the paid apps but can't see them. Any thoughts appreciated =) thanks,


  9. Hi again. I have noticed that PDF (adobe) closes after a few seconds. Do you know if there is a near future fix to this – where I could begin altering the program – or where I would I begin to make this more stable. Is there a open source for the platform?



    • bobhood says:

      I’ve heard the Adobe Reader for Android is a bit buggy. Try using RepliGo Reader instead. I think it has a free version.

  10. Arnel B. Estanislao says:

    First off, great tutorial! Followed the instructions and am very happy with the results. My tablet is now functioning like what I have expected.

    Also, as per Matt Inman’s post, the Market worked after I setup my Gmail account, though have to wait for several hours for it to start working, and accepted their terms and conditions. Now, I can browse all those free apps. The problem I have now is I can’t install anything. when I tried installing, it says:

    The application has access to the following:
    – Network communication
    – Your Personal information
    – System Tools
    – Your accounts

    But all these have a red warning icon, i guess meaning it doesn’t have access. When I click “OK”, a message pops “Your item will be downloaded”, followed by a notification “Download was unsuccessful”.

    So basically, I can’t install any app from Market. Is there any permission that needs to be fixed?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much!


    • Hey Arnel, had a similiar issue installing apps – Bobs post makes reference to UniversalAndroot.apk, if you have installed – then just load it.
      It will show a screen with 3 options, ask it to give superuser access to root and your problems are solved.

      • Arnel B. Estanislao says:

        Hi Santosh. Thanks for your quick response. I already have my tablet rooted. Should I re-root it again?

        Anyways, I have this “Superuser Permission” application and I can see that only “Root Explorer” and “adbWireless” are the only applications with super user permission. I tried looking at its options but found none. Maybe if I give Market a super user permission. But I can’t find out how to do this.

        Any thoughts on this?



      • Arnel B. Estanislao says:

        I think the proper question is…. How do I give root permission to Market? I have everything now installed, just don’t have root permission on Market.


      • bobhood says:

        I’m not expert on the Android root process, but from what I’ve seen, applications that need root will actually request it when they run. You are then prompted to allow or deny the request. I know that adbWireless did this, as did autoKiller.

        From this, I would assume that if the Market needed root access, it would request it and you would have to explicitly grant it. The Market app never did this on my machine. It just worked.

      • Arnel B. Estanislao says:

        Thanks bobhood. Me too, I’m relatively new to Android. Will just tinker around and try to fix the Market myself. Anyways, you did a great job with this tutorial. I was able to flash and root my tablet easily. I’ll keep watch on your blog for more updates. Keep up the good work!

  11. AJ Chan says:

    Hi, i’m not familiar to this at all…I’ve juz downloaded the RPM Script 0.9 and unzipped the file….do i juz copy only the script to the tools folder of SDK or including the folders as well…please advise.


    • bobhood says:

      From the article above:

      This file should be copied into the tools folder of your Android SDK (e.g., [install-path]\android-sdk-windows\tools) and extracted there. This will create a sub-folder called “RPM-addon” that you will use later on.

      • AJ Chan says:

        Thanks, managed that n now have command prompt issues…

        how do i get to the tools folder n type the command as per instruction given from C:\>

        have tried C:\>andriod-sdk-windows

        and this is what i get…
        ‘andriod-sdk-windows’ is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    • bobhood says:

      AJ, I don’t think your issues are entirely with the command prompt. It sounds like you need to spend some time learning things about Windows itself before you attempt the more-advanced task of flashing the firmware on your ZT-180. If you cannot navigate correctly at a command line, you stand a helluva good chance of bricking your device. You really don’t want to do that.

      I would recommend that you take some time to learn how to use the command prompt, and then when you are VERY comfortable with that, try these flashing steps again.

      • AJ says:

        Hi Bob, thanks for the advice…after some attempts managed to get the id…

        Now to get to the flashing part, i’m gonna use a win7 32 bit to do the job n revert back to my other 64 bit to carry on with the rest….am i right on this?

        This stuff is kinda scary after u mentioned about bricking…

      • bobhood says:

        My experience is that the USB drivers for the ZT-180, those that you need in order to get the flasher to see the device, will only function under 32-bit versions of Windows. The only 32-bit Windows machine I have is my ASUS Eeepc netbook (running Windows XP). I installed the USB drivers on that, and it easily sees the ZT-180. I then flashed the firmware from it with no issues.

        After I’m done successfully flashing, I install UnversalAndroot and adbWireless from a micoSD card on the newly flashed device. Once you have adbWireless working per the directions, you connect to the ZT-180 over your network, making the type of machine you complete the rest of the procedures on immaterial. It just happened that I did the rest from my 64-bit Windows 7 (which is my development machine; I’m a Sr. Software Engineer). However, I could just as easily done it all from my netbook.

        So, the moral of the story: You must use 32-bit Windows to flash the device because the USB drivers only work there. Everything after that takes place over the network, so you’re free to complete the procedure any way you wish.

  12. Steve says:

    Thanks Bobhood for this great tutorial updated my ZT180 to the latest f/w. AND got the market to work. This is the best tutorial EVER! Thank-you so much.

    • bobhood says:

      No, no idea Matt. I don’t even know if 2.2 will be available for the ZT-180 (I expect it will).

      I too am quite anxious to know about this. I had purchased the ZT-180 as a “throw away”, just something to get my feet wet with Android until the 2.2-based tablets hit the American market in Q4 2010. However, I’m finding the ZT-180 to be quite enjoyable, and very adequate to my needs, so I may just stay with it if there is a 2.2 update available for it.

      • Thanks. I love it and is perfect for leading worship. I compile all my charts and music into one PDF file on the mac and then put in on dropbox and download it to the zt-180.

        I hope they have an update soon. I would love to help with the development if it could speed the process. =)

  13. Ernie says:

    Are you installing all of these programs onto the tablet or onto a computer. I know this is a dumb question but I’m new to this tech stuff.

    • AJ says:

      hey buddy, me too…extremely fresh to this…

      this is so far what i’ve done…installed the jdk, jre & sdk to the com…

      then follow the steps to get an id from the emulator….

      now stuck with the flashing part…..give it a try….happy trying

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, Ernie.

      Some elements must be installed on your computer. The flashing files, as well as the Android SDK and Java JDK, must exist on the PC. Flashing must be performed from a 32-bit Windows machine (see my recent reply to AJ a little earlier in this discussion).

      Other elements are Android-only, like the UnversalAndroot and adbWireless packages.

  14. andrew says:

    hi i have a zt-180 10 inch apad and i didnt get it with market, i have with 0827, wich is the procedure for get it? and how it will work? can you please send me thi to my email? i will really appreciate very much. thank you

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, Andrew.

      Since 0827 is the most current firmware release for the ZT-180 (as of the time of this writing), you needn’t worry about the flashing portion of the article until you want to change that. However, the rest of the tutorial is still valid and required, and you need to follow all the steps (skipping the flashing part) in order to be successful.

      Be sure to read through the article, as well as the discussion comments, a few times before you begin. That will certainly help.

  15. Zach says:

    Bob, there is a newer version of 0830 ,gt my zt180 with the build, but I hav wifi issue,can’t connect with wep,wpa,wpa2 psk. Any suggestion for me?

    • bobhood says:

      If you read back a bit, you’ll see that I too had WiFi issues using 0827. It would no longer connect to my 802.11n router at all using that firmware — and I am only 5 feet away from it! 0818 connects to it @ 64Mbs with full signal. So, I reverted back to 0818.

      The WiFi is finicky enough as it is, but there really appears to be an issue with it in 0827.

  16. Ernie says:

    Where do I go on my tablet to find these numbers like for the firmware, the 0827 I see everyone talking about. I don’t know if I have to flash or not. I just want to download apps.

    • bobhood says:

      There is a Settings -> About Device” menu option that might tell you something about your firmware. I seem to recall mine working when I first got my device (0803), but it just blanks the screen now, and then bounces back to the Settings menu.

      Another tell-tale of the 0827 firmware is a 3G icon in the task tray along side your WiFi icon. It looks like a signal indicator, that progressively increases in size as it goes left-to-right. If you see that, then your machine is running a firmware greater than 0818.

      • Ernie says:

        Ok…I do have a 3G Icon but my system also says it’s not active. The numbers I see are:
        Firmware 2.1-update 1
        Kernel Version #1702
        I don’t see anything that says 0818 or 0803 or anything else like that. All that aside, I have a few questions:
        1. Do I need to update?
        2. Do I still need to download Android SDK in order to get apps. (You thought I was joking when I said I didn’t know what I was doing). Thanks

      • bobhood says:

        1. Updating the firmware has little to do with enabling the Market. I have enabled the market on 0827, and then again when I went back to 0818. Updating the firmware gives you improvements and bug fixes (and, as we’ve discovered, potentially more bugs).

        2. You do need to follow the steps in the article that have nothing to do with flashing the firmware in order to install and enable the Market, yes. This is the case no matter what firmware you are running.

  17. AJ Chan says:

    Hi Bob, my device firmware is 0830….do i still need to flash it to 0818 to continue n which script is best to use?

    p7901a-eng 2.1-update1 ERE27 eng.wwang.20100830.105450 test-keys

    # 1705

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, AJ.

      I have no experience (yet) with 0830, only with 0818 and 0827. I know the instructions in this article will work with both of those firmwares. There’s likely no reason why they wouldn’t with 0830, but you’ll need to try it for yourself and see.

      Please report your results here so others can benefit from your efforts.

  18. Jay says:

    I keep getting
    rm failed for /data/data/*, No such file or directory

    I did universal root. I have deleted apps using #2 It’s recognized device in adb but I fail trying to install google id… I have 0826 rom that came with it…



  19. mike b. says:

    Quick ?, done everything and it went well, the only problem is when i click on something to download from the market is says starting download but it never starts, i even let it sit overnight and still said starting download, any suggestions. Thanks

  20. Jay says:

    When you go to market do you see suggested apps? If you don’t than you need to use Market Enabler pick T-Mobile US long press and click fake

    • mike b. says:

      Okay i used market enabler and went to the market and it showed the suggested apps but still wont download anything, just says starting download with the progress bar, also when ever i restart the epad i have to go back to marketenabler, do i have to do that everytime

  21. Jay says:

    I cannot read my $$ paid books for Kindle–others are saying they can–I can only see free and less expensive catalogs/dictionaries I’ve bought not JA Vance etc.

    App Market won’t let me D/L the latest Kindle app successfully. I have uninstalled old one and used Astro to install latest Kindle apk–but still a No-Go for paid books. Any ideas? My Google Id I took from my Samsung Epic


    • bobhood says:

      I would guess that your next option is to generate a unique Android ID. I’m pretty sure your purchases are tied to your Google account, not your Android ID (I think the id just uniquely identifies the device), so even generating a new, unique id should still give you access to your downloads.

  22. Jay says:

    I think it might be something else… for instance when I search the Mkt for Angry Birds Lite Beta (which is there on my 2.1 Samsung Galaxy S (Epic) it’s not in my ZT-180 Market so I am thinking that has something to do with it… Can you see Angry Birds?

  23. Jay says:

    This was what worked for me.

    Uninstalled Kindle App

    Used Market Enabler T-mo US settings(this is what I think made it work–and these settings are lost after ever boot cycle !?!)

    Used Astro to install old Kindle App from another SD Card

    Had to re-Register of course

    Started D/L’ing my paid books that would not D/L before and they actually D/L’d and opened!

    I am NOW happy I got this…

    Still problematic:

    Where is Angry Birds lite beta2?

    Why won’t Kindle d/l from Market successfully?

    Why do the Market Enabler Settings revert back to 43106(?) and not stay on T-mo US 310xxx(?)

    • bobhood says:

      I searched the Market for “angry birds” and there is no “Angry Birds lite beta2” listed in the results. I get only “Angry Birds Walkthrough” and “Angry Birds Clock Widget”.

      I would guess that it is not your account necessarily that is wrong, but rather it might be something endemic to the ZT-180, or to the carrier that the Market Enabler fakes. For example, the “Angry Birds lite beta2” app you’re looking for might have a hardware requirement that the ZT-180 doesn’t meet (like a camera) and so the Market will not make it available to you.

      As for the Market Enabler settings, I don’t know about that. I went the permanent settings route, and hard-coded the carrier information onto the device so I would not have to use the Market Enabler.

  24. Mike b says:

    As for me still can not get anything to download, just keeps saying starting download, even with market enabled, and how do you hard code the carrier info? Please help I’m bout to throw this in the trash!

    • bobhood says:

      1. Use adb to remount the ZT-180’s file system in write mode (use the RPMCcormick script, or look at it to see how it is done manually). You’ll need write mode in order to update a file on it.
      2. Using adb again, “pull” the file /system/build.prop from the device to someplace on your local machine. Where doesn’t matter, but it’s probably a good idea to pull it to the same folder that contains adb.
      3. Open the file, and uncomment the two lines:

      4. Append the follow lines to the end of the file:

      5. Push your local, modified version of “build.prop” back to the same location on your device (“/system/build.prop”), overwriting the version that is there.

      Here’s the build.prop from my machine under 0818, with the modifications already made:
      # begin build properties
      # autogenerated by 2.1-update1 ERE27 eng.20100818.103031 test-keys Aug 18 10:32:52 CST 2010
      # is obsolete; use ro.product.device
      # Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 2.1-update1 ERE27 eng.wwang.20100818.103031 test-keys
      # end build properties
      # system.prop for generic sdk

      rild.libargs=-d /dev/ttyS0




  25. moxy says:

    Hi there.
    I seem to have done everything correctly, obtained my ID# and got the device to connect over the network but I’m stuck as to what to do after running the script.

    2) Connect over TCP-IP and remount system for R/W access. \
    3) Delete unessasary files in /system/app (with prompts). \
    4) Install RPM-Addon SYSTEM (working Google Apps). \
    0) Delete Dalvik-Cache and Reboot Device!

    Can anybody shed any light on this?

    Thanks for the guide by the way!


    • bobhood says:

      Not sure what you mean by “after running the script.” There are at least two stages that you need to perform, each outlined by the script. There is an optional third stage from which you can pick and choose items.

      Once the device is connected wirelessly, you need to run the script and perform the steps linearly as they are listed. Each time you perform “Delete Dalvik cache and reboot device” (option 0), you’ve completed a section, and you need to hard-reset the device to prepare it for the next (hard reset is holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds to power it off).

  26. Jay says:

    Bob, an easier way for me is to use Root Explorer on the device cell or ZT-180 and mount it in RE than open the file and using the text editor change it…FWIW

    Now if you could email me a G-id to try it would help me immensely

  27. Jay says:

    For those of you that are getting frustrated, there is an easier way…

    You can use Root Explorer to manually edit(as I noted above)

    or you can insert Christian Buchner’s “new_system_bb.7z image(you have to rename his to system.img AND have 7zip to unzip it) and reflash 0827 post 1267

    1. So reflash 0827 with Christian’s new system image which will have all the correct settings on your zt-180

    2. Rerun Universal Androot

    3. Use Root Explorer to mount your zt-180 as Read Write mode R/W

    4. Install/Turn on ADB wireless on your zt-180

    5. From cmd prompt on your laptiop/desk computer adb connect to your zt-180

    6. Now cd to the RPM Script file folder with command prompt (I used the 1.2 script and made the changes–just read about it) from cmd prompt rpmscript.bat Run option 6 to insert your Google id number

    So initially after I installed Christian’s system.img and reflashed the Market was there and it let me connect but downloads would be ‘unsuccessful’ because I had not run the rpm script (don’t forget to mount your zt-180 as r/w with root explorer) and inserted my Google ID.

    I am using my real google id and anything I d/l to my zt-180 from the Market also gets d/l’ed to my Samsung Galaxy S phone. I woiuld also advise that if you emulated your android id that you use the 2.1 version as more things will be available to you(which is why I could not see Angry Birds in the Market–which I can see now but still does not run on the zt-180)

    Hope this helps


    • bobhood says:

      Thanks for the update, Jay. Interesting about using a v2.1-based emulator for the id. I didn’t realize that enabled more Market downloads.

  28. Jay says:

    Now if I could just get ‘Wireless Tether'(running from my Galaxy S which is powering my laptop at this moment) to be picked by my ZT-180 I’d be really happy 😉

  29. James says:

    Hello Bob, During the install I get the following response (can you tell what’s wrong?). Also I don’t get de reqest form windows for a driver update:

    FileLoad! szPathName: C:\Users\Martine\Desktop\James\ZT-180_0827fw\ZT-180_0827fw\burn.ini
    FileLoad! szPathName: C:\Users\Martine\Desktop\James\ZT-180_0827fw\ZT-180_0827fw\burn.ini
    strBootModle: 1
    strNboot_RunType: 0
    strUboot_IsLoad: 1
    strUboot_SrcPath: u-boot.img
    strNk_IsLoad: 0
    strNk_SrcPath: c:\
    FileSave!szPathName: C:\Users\Martine\Desktop\James\ZT-180_0827fw\ZT-180_0827fw\burn.ini
    [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x0 strNboot_DestAddr: ]
    Opened successfully.
    Opened successfully.
    [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(1) hRead:(0x118)]
    [SUCCESS: CreateFile]
    [Memory Allocation! txBuf = 0x2321fe8 ]
    [UsbTxFile start! run_addr=0xffffffff]
    [UsbTxFile end]
    Find Device From Name
    Opened successfully.
    Opened successfully.
    [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x120)]
    [SUCCESS: CreateFile]
    [Memory Allocation! txBuf = 0x2321fe8 ]
    [UsbTxFile start! run_addr=0x40200000]
    [UsbTxFile end]
    [ERROR:File Open]

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, James.

      The only time I’ve seen this sort of error with the Burntool was when I tried to perform the firmware flash from a VMware image. The first step (flashing uboot) causes the device to disconnect, and the virtual machine cannot reconnect to it. All subsequent attempts to flash the remaining steps gives errors similar to what you’ve posted above.

      • James says:

        Thanks Bob. I don’t think my machine is a VM because It’s a freshly bought Asus EEE with Windows 7 starter. Should work. But I’ll try a other machine and let you know.

        Or.. is there a other way to flash my zt-180?
        greetings, James

      • bobhood says:

        I use a little ASUS EeePC netbook with Windows XP 32-bit and it works just fine. I’ve not tried it with Windows 7, because all my other machines are combinations of Windows Vista and Windows 7, all using 64-bit, so the USB drivers required to access the ZT-180 won’t work on them.

        As you’ve noted, if you can, I’d try on a different 32-bit machine (preferably one with a previous version of Windows installed, as that might isolate the issue to Windows 7 if successful).

  30. Sorry for the poor response of late – bricked my machine, yip – that’s right, bricked it. Nothing to do with Firmware reloading etc. Problem was OTG/USB port burned out – so XP Burnttool was unable to see device to flash new firmware on it. Just got the replacement unit today…wowwweeee 0830, Documents to go – full license, PDF Viewer, Youtube, Skype + TaskKiller – all the bells that were missing before. Now that’s not too shabby.

  31. xshadowhk says:

    I have a big problem and hope that you know how it can be solved…

    Everything’s fine until I work on the RPMScript 1.2.

    UniversalAndroot.apk and adbWireless.apk are both installed.
    I root the machine and run adbWireless.
    I run RPMScript 1.2 go through:
    (2) remount system for R/W access <– OK
    (3) delete unnecessary files <– I intended to delete some but I don't know hitting ENTER means YES, so I delete *ALL*
    (4) Install RPM-Addon <– FAILED
    error messages like "rm failed … link failed"
    I tried several times but this step still fail!

    OK I reboot the machine
    and now I have BIG problem:
    When I run adbWireless again it prompts kernel problem and ask me to re-root … but I have run UniversalAndroot many times and the problem still exists, i.e.. I am not able to run adbWireless again…

    My question is:
    I don't know how to reset the machine to it's factory settings…

    • Hi xshadowhk – In the burntool, when you open settings.
      the tick box with ??, underneath the Burn radio button – this is the factory default option. Tick this before starting and your Factory default will be done.
      —Mmmh…got me pondering about 0926 now too, wonder what’s good with it. Will have to check out XDA and Slatedroid to see whats the word on this one.

    • bobhood says:

      I’d recommend you wait for a bit, and let others test it out and give feedback. I’ve only been seeing increasingly bad releases of the firmware from Zenithink since 0818 (which is why I went back to it and am staying there for now). By “increasingly bad”, I mean that, while they are adding things, the end up breaking others — inevitably, of course, breaking those things that I find most useful.

      However, with the ability to flash backward, flashing a new release is never as dangerous for the ZT-180 as it is for other embedded systems that.

  32. As a matter of interest:
    About device info on my ZT180
    Firmware version : 2.1 0 update 1
    Baseband version : unknown
    Kernel version :
    Build number : p7901a-eng 2.1-update1 ere27 eng.wwang.20100830.105450 test-keys

    Judging from the build number, this device seems to be running 0830.

    • Jay says:

      You don’t mean sticking an ‘Air Card’ in the usb port do you? If you do that won’t work… if you don’t read below

      google “zt-180 ad hoc” … you will need to make some edit/changes and I suggest using Root Explorer

      Good Luck, I am stuck trying to get my Galaxy S in Wireless Tether mode to connect (my laptop connects just fine)

  33. xshadowhk says:

    I have tried 0929 and sometimes it has error like “…process… not responding” and asks me to force close.

    I am not sure whether it’s the problem of 0929 or it’s because of the RPMScript v1.2 being not compatible with 0929.

    And, another problem of mine is, while the Market is running well, but some apps cannot be searched. For example, Dolphin Browser HD. Even the Market Enabler can just give me access to paid apps, but some apps are still not searchable. Is it because of the resolution of ZT-180? Or maybe my Market ID has problem? (I generate it using Android 2.1 rather than Android 1.6)

  34. Ralph Davage says:

    I have two 10″ Zenithink zt-180 tablets one with Android 1.7.4 and one with Windows ce 6. I want to download Android 2.2 on my wince tablet from the site from seller but it tells me ie does not have enough memory. I would not need to this but I can’t get a wifi connection on the wince tablet. Any ideas suggections

      • Ralph Davage says:

        Thanks for your help, what is latest version that will work also is there a wireless network adapter that would work with wince6 on the market.

  35. Kenny says:

    This process worked great! (Even though I do wish that I didn’t have to go through this in the first place, but…..) I found a few different articles on this subject and none of the others were as easy to follow as this one.

    Anyway, Android Market is up and running, but I only see free apps. (I live in USA) I searched Google’s forum and others are having the same issue. Google is no help at all. I updated the payment info on my Google Account, and the setting is set for finding my location, although the Google search page says “Location unavailable” under the search field. I was thinking that maybe this has something to do with only showing the free apps. If it thinks I am in another country.

    Does anyone here know anything about this?

  36. Karn Broad says:

    Gone through the first part of the scripts to remove apps etc, reboot and they’re all still there. Nothing has been removed at all.

    Firmware is 0830 and all the screen messages one the PC look OK, but it’s doing absolutely nothing!

    Totally lost on this. No progress at all.

    • bobhood says:

      I’ve not heard of an 0830 firmware release. The current one I know about is 0829. Perhaps the RPM script is not correct for the 0830 firmware you’re trying to flash.

      I’d recommend you go backward to a previous firmware (like 0818) just to get your tablet back online, and then incrementally move forward in firmwares, making sure each works before moving on.

      • bobhood says:

        Sorry, that should read “0929”, not “0829”. There is indeed an 0929 available, but I’m still seeing issues with WiFi (the newer firmwares seem to concentrate more on 3G than on WiFi).

      • 0830 was what mine was shipped with, that I seriously ruined. Can’t get it back either, can’t find it anywhere. 0926 has it’s own issues and fewer useul things with it. the Market just doesn’t download anything. Think it’s trying to use non-existent Mobile network!

  37. Karn Broad says:

    Tried again, not tablet doesn’t boot at all. Says android in small text, and that’s it. Never boots up. Shit do I regret this….

    • bobhood says:

      Did you hard-reset the device after you cleared the Darvik cache?

      From the article: “After each reboot, you’ll need to hard reset the device by holding down the power button for 10 seconds to cycle the device off. This is noted in the instructions of the RPMScript after you reboot, but it bears repeating here.”

      • I had to use the reset using a paperclip at that point, and that was what got it. I haven’t found the 0929 version, but the 0926 has great WiFi but Market doesn’t download even with a Google Checkout enabled Google account.

        Not really got anywhere have I?

  38. Just got the 0926 firmware and it includes Android Market as standard!!! Had to flash the firmware again, the system had got really borked!!! I’m trying to re-trace my steps to give you the link! Sorry about that, but you’ll get it when I find it again!

    I got that, then used the download and video from to help me install it.

  39. bobhood says:

    After backing up all my stuff with Titanium Backup, I have flashed to 0929 this evening, and I am in the process of restoring apps + data. I used a custom “system.img” instead of the one that came with 0929, and it has a number of things already set up. I didn’t even really need to use the RPMscript with this.

    So far, WiFi is solid, which has been my main gripe since 0818. I also discovered (to my disappointment) that my device is the 1024×576 variety, not the 1024×600. 24 additional lines may not sound like much, but with screens this size, they can make a visible difference. Ah, well. 😦

    I’ll use it for a few days, and report any additional things about it as I discover them. Hopefully, it’s all solid enough that I won’t have to go back to 0818.

    • bobhood says:

      So far, I’ve noticed pop-up ads in places where they weren’t before — AutoKiller and The Weather Channel apps now have them. These apps are of the same versions they were with 0818, so it isn’t a change in the apps themselves. As much as I dislike ads, this does indicate that something that wasn’t working in 0818 is now working in 0929.

      Still no option to unmount the “udisk”. I find that pretty irritating. I can unmount the sdcard, but I’ve never had an option to unmount the udisk (USB drive).

      I’ve heard the video drivers are improved in this release (transitions do seem snappier). Under 0818, I could detected noticeable hiccupping at regular intervals during movie playback (like frames were being regularly dropped). I have yet to try out an MP4 movie to see if that persists.

    • bobhood says:

      Wow. I had an ASUS USB-N13 WiFi dongle sitting in its box on my shelf, and just for giggles, I decided to plug it into the USB port of the ZT-180 and then power it on. Holy crap, I’m connected to my 802.11n router at 130Mbs! Very nice surprise. I don’t know if this would have worked with 0818, but it definitely does with 0929. 🙂

      To offset that bit of good news, the ZT-180 video continues to subtly, but noticeably, stutter during playback (Avatar, 1280×720 MP4). I’m guessing it’s a limitation of this particular hardware, and not necessarily the drivers. 10.2″ may just be too much for the 1.2GHz process to deal with. Seeing as how it is one of the main reasons I want a tablet (the other being ebooks), it still leaves up in the air whether or not I will continue to use my ZT-180 after other Android tablets hit the American market this year. Somehow I even doubt that Android 2.2 on the ZT-180 will improve this particular issue for me.

    • bobhood says:

      Another interesting surprise: the Logitech M305 Wireless USB mouse works with the ZT-180. Plugging in the USB dongle for the mouse and then powering the unit on gives you a mouse pointer on the desktop. You needn’t even touch the screen; I can use the pointer with the virtual keyboard, and can even type faster with it than I can with my finger.

      I would imagine just about any wireless mouse would function this way as well.

  40. xshadowhk says:

    I have been using 0929 for some days.

    The WiFi and Ethernet both work fine. Yes, Market is bundled with 0929 but I also change the Market ID by the RPMScript (just to play safe).

    However, I get some “force close” problems (e.g. gapps) every time I use the ZT-180.

    And, yes, mine is also 1024 x 576 …

    RealPlayer plays HD videos fine but the aspect ratio is strange.

    • bobhood says:

      I’ve heard that AutoKiller using “Strict” mode is supposed to help with those FCs. I’ve been using it for a while, and only see FCs every once in a great while.

  41. kazigmal says:

    First let me say, this is an amazing site… very informative and not too hard to understand. that being said… I am having a problem…

    I can’t seem to create a Market ID that will let me download the Kindle App… ( The device is for my wife. and I was hoping to have it working in time for her birthday on Oct, 21) I flashed with Christian’s system.img as noted above somewhere and got the market working… only its not showing some of the apps that my wife wants… Kindle, and Angry birds… but I can download everything else. Is this normal??

    Can Someone please, please explain to me the exact settings I need to set, or maybe links to the exact files and instructions that worked for them? I will be honest, I am starting to feel a little overloaded. (cry)

    Thank you all

  42. kazigmal says:

    Sorry.. here is my system info…

    ZT-180 10.2″ screen
    2.1 update 1
    20100826 – is that right?

  43. kazigmal says:

    Thank you for the quick response… I will flash it now, and port the results… Hope I don’t burn it out with as many times as I have flashed this thing… (laugh)

    Have you got the Kindle App to download? Has Anyone?

    • bobhood says:

      I don’t know of a way to find out by just looking at it. The only way I found out was to flash the 600 version, saw the bottom of my screen cut off. You won’t hurt anything by flashing the wrong version, you’ll just see anomalies at the bottom of your screen (e.g., if you have the 600 and flash the 576, you’ll have a black bar at the bottom in landscape mode).

  44. kazigmal says:

    I did all the steps and flashed to 0929.. works great… Seems a lot more stable. Thank you

    but still not seeing Kindle in the market place.

    Is there a “how to” to generate a Market ID that will work with some of the apps that don’t show on the market? (i.e. Kindle, Angry Birds…etc.)

    • Supposedly that would be by creating an ID using the Android 2.1 SDK so you get Android 2 compatible apps, although I’d warn against this. I can’t get my ZT-180 anywhere near as stable any more as before I started all this stuff when it had 0830. That was the most stable I’ve seen (certainly better than 0929 I’m running now). You also cannot find that to put it back, and my backup was corrupt leaving me behind after 2 long nights work.

      I have seen the apps like Angry Birds in the Market, but never got a single thing (paid or free) to download at any point.

      Once you have a working Android 2.1 virtual machine, going back to get a 1.6 ID doesn’t seem to work without trashing the SDK and starting again I think. I certainly can’t get it to work.

  45. kazigmal says:


    Ok… I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the kindle.apk to show up in the market, but I did solve the issue of getting it on my wife’s device. I remembered my buddy has the app on his device. I asked him to send me the apk and installed it via udisk.

    Works like a charm!! Thanks everyone.

    • bobhood says:

      If it’s called “Kindle for Android” (v1.1.0.90220088), it comes up for me on the Market using 0929 and the androidID I generated using the v1.6 emulator. Shows as “Free”.

      Not sure why you aren’t seeing it, but it is there and accessible.

  46. kazigmal says:

    Yeah, I called a friend who has a friend… (and so on) that said it had to do with the environment you set in the Emulator when you generated your Market ID.

    As I remember, I set mine up with the 2.1 build. That might be the reason. Did you set up your virtual device exactly like the instructions say at the top of this page?

    • I have done that since, and the result is a constant stream of errors.

      The process has stopped unexpectedly, please try again.

      and so it goes on. I suppose I need to re-flash the machine and start all over again….

    • kazigmal says:

      I had the same error… after flashing to 0929. But I got past it by choosing the last option (setup wizard) or something like that… it made it hard to back out of the setup loop.. kept asking for additional google accounts to sync. So I hard reset (paperclip) and everthing worked just fine. (after the second flashing) be sure to run the RPMScript and choose option 6. Worked for me.

      • Well, this will be my 4th attempt with 0929 alone! I’ve done similar before, but the RMScript has only ever ended in trouble up to now.

        If I could get my 0830 back…..

    • bobhood says:

      Yes, exactly. I also generated an ID using a v2.1 emulator and attempted to use that, with nothing but trouble being the result. I’ve stuck with the v1.6 ID since.

  47. I’m not sure now Bob what to do. Got half waythrough trying again, and while I’m running the RMScript the tablet re-booted all on it’s own!! I wasn’t ready for it to do that at all…

    I’ll find out where I am if I can, but I feel like giving it to someone I don’t like at the moment.

  48. Bob, I’m getting really confused what I should add to 0929, if anything, and which bits of the RMScript I should run. Talk about info overload, I’m more confused than the blasted tablet right now! You say you used another system.img but I’m not sure I have one that’s 0929 compatible apart from the one that came with it.

    Just borked another 0929 install with the RMScript. Couldn’t get the connection back to do the Google ID.

    • bobhood says:

      I’ve posted the custom image I used to flash 0929 (the one created by Christian Buchner) here. It is just the “system.img” file, and you will need the full 0929 firmware distribution (along with the burner application). Replace the 0929 “system.img” file (200MB+) with this one (91MB), and perform the flash as usual. Also, I’d recommend (in your case) that you perform a factory reset on the device when you flash it. This would be the check-box with the “??” label on the left of the “Settings” panel, just below the “burn” radio button. Give this a try.

      If this all flashes properly, there is an application installed called something like “AutoMarket by Christian Buchner” in the app drawer. Run that, enter your androidID into the provided field, and run it. That will set your androidID without having to use the Android SDK “adb” command or the RPMscript. I actually didn’t even use the RPMscript for this image. Everything is pretty much already in place.

      • Thanks Bob,

        I have a better looking Market than ever before, but I’m still not getting downloads to actually download! Maybe I did things in the wrong order? I did the AutoMarket fix before I signed into the Google account, maybe that was the mistake… not sure.

        Best it’s been so far though, and I really thank you for that!

      • Re-booted and then I could re-run the Automarket app and I now have downloaded an app! Superb!

        Thanks for all your help Bob, I so nearly gave it all up as a bad job!

        For those with these troubles, flash 0929 with the different system.img Bob links to, then once your machine boots, enter your Google account, and THEN run the AutoMarket app to fix the androidID and icms values.

  49. Hi guys again!

    I am trying to get the Kindle App to work… I keep getting the error:
    The book could not be opened. Please remove the book from your device and then download it again.

    I keep trying this and get the same thing? Any help? Also, I can’t download anything from the market… I am seeing all the apps with the 0929 firmware but not able to download anything

    • Go through the flashing with Christian’s system.img as linked to by Bob. You will still need the AndroidID and also the other (icms I think it is) number just above it in the command promp window when you get them when your Android virtual machine is running.

      It’s fiddly, but it does work in the end, provided you get all the little details doen in the right order!

      • I placed all that in… That’s the strange thing. I don’t understand what I did wrong… Should I redo everything?
        – Ran emulation – got ID
        – flashed firmware
        – entered google id
        – market doesn’t download / kindle app doesn’t work
        – me – sad =(

  50. Hi Matt,

    I haven’t tried the Kindle app, so can’t comment on that. As far as downloading goes, I was in your place. I then re-started and ran the AutoMarket app again to get it to re-edit the correct Android ID back in. Then it worked!

    I had to use an Android 1.6 virtual machine as well. When I tried to use an Android 2.1 machine, I got an ID that never worked for some reason.

  51. xshadowhk says:

    Dear All
    The firmware 1013 is out!

    I have heard that Market is working in this version. It seems that no generation of Market ID is needed. However, I don’t have to to try it yet…

    I have a question:
    How to upgrade the firmware without re-installation of all the apps and re-configuration of the system and apps?

  52. Re : 1013
    Just flashed, Yip Market is working – but FC errors and Package Installer errors, also my Titanium backup was unable to restore my Apps and User data.
    Had to run 1024×600 for my device, my colleague had to run 1024×576 for some or the other obscure reason on his one.

    Disappointed, had a fully function 0926 from Manufacturer and just messed it up with 1013 now in order to get Market running without Script and SDK.

    Come on Zeni – release the source!

    • Re 1013

      Yeah, I’ve just wasted a try on that. Market works fine, but some things like 1Password (vital app for me) can’t run with this update at all, I could at least get it going on 0929.

      Overall, slightly worse, but much easier to set up.

    • 1013 and 1014 don’t need fixing for most people at all, there’s just a javascript issue. One or 2 odd file won’t run on it! Other than that it works with no effort whatsoever. No messing or hacking. Still running 1014 here as I can’t face all the work again.

  53. 0929 is working amazing for me… Everything… I just wish we can get the data card thing going… I wish I could you the CLEAR data card… That would be amazing.. or atleast tether my phone…

  54. Jay says:

    Yes, if someone has tethered an Android phone explicit instructions would be great… (theone’s I’ve read obviously haven’t worked for me).
    I could never get Baracle or Wireless Tether (google apk) to ‘Ad Hoc’ connect from my Samsung Galaxy S phone to my zt-180
    I still have 0827 and used my real Google ID and have no problems with the Kindle books

    • Simon Herbert says:


      New to the forum – I am suffering from a similar problem.

      I have upgraded by firmware to the latest version – Thanks Zenithink US

      All applications are working well apart from Kindle for Android.

      I can view by books on My PC and on my HTC Desire but everytime I try to download a book from the archive it states that the book is invalid and I need to delete it.

      My initial thoughts is that the Zenithink Android version is not using SD card for storage or that the rights for application are incorrect but I have checked those against my HTC desire phone and they are identical…

      Any other suggestions would be very useful as I bought the Zenithink to use as an e-book reader!


      • Regarding KINDLE for ANDROID:
        I went through this last night, and finally succeeded. This may work for you.
        FIrst, sign onto the “Manage your Kindle” on the Amazon website and check to see how many devices besides your actual Kindle are defined – it looks something like this:
        Your Computer and Other Mobile Device(s)
        The following device(s) are registered to your account.
        Device Name
        A.Ron’s Kindle for PC Edit Info Deregister
        EPadorific Edit Info Deregister
        RonDevo Edit Info Deregister

        When I first checked, I had 6 devices, all named with generic defaults names. I deregistered ALL of them except for the one for my EVO telephone.

        THEN, I went to the tablet, into settings, applications, Manage Applications (Hold your finger down on it to open it up), Open up Kindle, (note the size occupied), and choose to DELETE it.
        Here’s the trick. NOW, open up the OI File Manager, navigate to your sdcard, find the KINDLE folder listed, and hold a finger down on it to open up your options, and choose to DELETE the entire folder.
        It is in this folder that your books (all highly DRM’d) are stored. So no matter how many times you delete your Kindle APP, the data sits there awaiting a reinstall, and they will pop up but not be recognized as legitimate. After deleting this folder, you can install the Kindle app from the market, sign on properly with your name and password, and go to the archive to download any books you want. It will recreate the folder on your chip automatically.
        I used wifi to connect and laboriously download a boatload of books (I have nearly 200), it worked just fine. Some aspects of Kindle STILL suck – trying to flag more than one to download, no way. If you favor a series Amazon lists them in no particular order so it’s nearly impossible to know the order the books were written in. argue. but that is NOTHING on the ePad’s fault! Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense.
        Oh, and I went back to the Amazon website, Manage your kindle (MAN, do they make it nearly impossible to find a link to it), and renamed all three of my mobile devices so I could keep track of them more easily. Man, they look SO good on this ePad! 🙂 and COLOR covers, how cool are they!

  55. Kazigmal says:

    Just because I am curious, whats the official word on 1013? Is it worth going to if I have 0927 working with CB’s image?
    Oh that reminds me… my Wi-Fi sucks on my device. The range is literally 8 ft. from the router. My little handheld phone (old G1) works great on the network clear out to the sidewalk in front of my house. Is this a setting issue or perhaps I need to download an APK of some kind? Anyone else have this issue and find a solution?

    • bobhood says:

      Personally, I’m quite happy with CB’s 0929. Since I’m not doing any 3G stuff, the updates don’t do much for me as they all seem to be centered around getting that working.

      I’m not experiencing your specific issue, although I did have some bad WiFi experiences with some of the later 08xx releases. I have 25-50% signal when I’m 30-40ft away from the router inside my house, which has been pretty typical and consistent since. I can bump that up to about 75% using the 802.11n ASUS WiFi dongle, though.

      There is the TxPower setting that you can monkey with. I think CB’s 0929 sets that to 40%, but you can boost that to see if it helps. Have a look inside the RPMScript under the “TXPATCH” section. It’ll point you to the file you need to modify, and you change the “TxPower=20” value to something higher and push it back to the device (and reboot, I’d imagine).

    • No point in 1013 when 1014 is already out! They are numbered by dates, so that came out ONE DAY later!

      I’m not sure it’s much better, and definitely has one extra issue with one type of security javascript, and it’ll crash some browsers or apps like 1Password where 0929 was fine. Not sure why.

      My WiFi isn’t much better, maybe 12-15 feet once signed in, but line of sight and inside 8 feet when signing in. It’s the worst WiFI device for range I’ve ever had, no doubt at all. The Eken M003 8″ Tablet nails it good and proper on range, and that’s the second worse one!

  56. bobhood says:

    Just an FYI: From everything I’ve read (and from my personal experience), the CB version of 0929 is the best release so far of the ZT-180 firmware. This is including even the more recent 1014 and 1020 releases.

    Unless you’re trying to use some 3G dongle that only the newer releases support, I’d highly recommend going/staying with Christian Buchner’s 0929 custom firmware version.

  57. kemo says:

    Thanks for the great post. I followed this Android another you tube video o get it working. So it does but…. the Market does not show ally the results! !!! I have a samsung galaxy and it shows lots more results than the zt180. Is there a fix for this. I hope so it’s really irritating: )

    • bobhood says:

      I’m reading an Android development book, and there are a number of settings you can apply to your application that indicate what type of hardware it requires, including things like screen size, camera, accelerometer, etc. From what I understand, the Market will filter applications on these settings based on the hardware capabilities of your device. So, it’s just educated guess, but it may be that the applications you’re seeing via your Galaxy have requirement settings that match the hardware available on the Galaxy, while the ZT-180 may not (which would keep the application from appearing on the Market on the ZT-180).

  58. kazigmal says:

    One thing I have had great success with is this…

    Like you I don’t see all the apps in the market. But my phone (G1) does. I download the APK to my phone… then copy it to a thumb drive… (I mount my phone via usb cable to my PC) Once its on a USB drive… Its a simple matter of plugging it into my ZT-180, opening up the file manager and navigating to the APK located on your USB and installing it from there

    Thats how I got Angry Birds and the Kindle app to work on mine…

    I later found out that the reason i don’t see all the apps is like Bob said… the settings I chose when I generated my Market ID…

    I hope that will help you.

  59. bobhood says:

    I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’m quite disappointed with the video performance of this device. I can’t seem to get movies to play back without subtle but noticeable stuttering in the video. Avatar and Wall-E, converted directly from the Blu-ray, are particularly bad about it. On the other hand, I’ve converted some PPV UFC events I’ve grabbed off the Interwebs to MP4 and they seem to play flawlessly.

    Is anybody else here converting their own videos to the ZT-180? I don’t download movies from the Internet anymore (got tagged with a “copyright infringement” warning from Comcast once, so now I’m gunshy). I convert all my movies from the source (usually Blu-ray) using RipBot264 1.16.2, and I’ve yet to find settings that make the movie play back smoothly without compromising the quality. Hell, even compromising the quality to a point where it is not even viewable still doesn’t give me smooth playback.

    I know it’s probably just a deficit of this particular hardware, but if anybody has successfully created MP4/MKV/MOV/whatever files that play on this thing at 1280×720 without visual issues, I’d like to hear about the tool(s) you use and your quality/resolution settings.

  60. xshadowhk says:

    I don’t know if it’s suitable to ask for help here …

    My ZT-180 , suddenly cannot boot.
    It shows “ANDROID” and then no change at all…

    • bobhood says:

      Define “suddenly”. What did you do to the device just before it stopped booting?

      However, it is pretty fail-safe that you can simply re-flash the firmware (Home/Back button + Power button) and start again if you’ve done something that messed up the installed system.

      • xshadowhk says:

        I have flashed it with 1020 firmware.

        And then…
        I switch it on, it shows “epad”, and then blank screen, and then it goes off!!

        I am thinking what else I can try…

      • Bob has given me instructions further up on which box to check in the firmware updating app to apply a factory reset at the same time, and that was the key to getting my machine working.

        I must admit, that 0929 is still possibly the best option, and I may have to return to it (done 1013, 1014 and 1020) and try to boost the poor WiFi performance while I’m at it (never had that working well over distance yet).

      • Right on WebKarnage…the Factory reset works well, apparently each time you flash teh ZT180 it does not flush out some of the pieces from your previous flash and eventually it just gets corrupted. So a factory reset every once in a while is cool.

      • xshadowx – Question, when you connect the table to your Windows PC, does Windows detect it? Does Device 10 go green when you switch the ZT180 into programming mode. (Home button + Power + USB OTB to PC)

        *If not, then your USB port is probably stuffed, had a similiar issue with mine and had to send it back to Shenzen.

      • xshadowhk says:

        It’s OK when I plug the power to the ZT-180.
        I guess it was not booting because the power is low (?).

      • LOL – if only all my ZT180 issues were low power.
        Struggling with 3G connectivity on Huawei modem now.
        WIFI working well, picks up my ADSL router from about 10 metres away, and not line of site – downstairs.

  61. Ralph Davage says:

    I got rid of Wince6 os on zt180 and downloaded 2.1 827 version problem with wifi it scans and then says disconnected anyone know if the 1020 version is better. Can’t get rid that airplane icon on bar box also can’t get the note pad to open.

    • Hi Ralph,
      Yep Android is much better, go for the 1013/1014 update with CB System file and you should have a stable enough ROM to work with – can’t comment on 1020 – as I’m quite happy with 1013 for now.

  62. I picked up one of these in Shenzhen a few weeks back. No market on it, and it shows:
    eng.wwang.20100830.105450 test-keys in the build number. I’ve read through this entire listing, and was hoping that Bob (or someone that understands all of this better than I do) could create an up-to-date basic summary of what I need to do to update this to market and the latest build that is reliable/stable? The comments all have me going in a lot of directions, some of which are likely to hose my ZT from the sounds of it ….
    I have the EVO 4G phone, so I figure there is an ID in it somewhere I could dig out to use in this process, but is that better than getting a market ID from the SDK (there’s a LOT that my phone has that the slate doesn’t, of course). I had hoped to set this slate up and give it to someone with limited mobility (on crutches) so they wouldn’t need to carry a laptop. Also, the tip on increasing the wifi antenna strength seems to be huge. (?)

    • Hi TexARC,
      1013 / 1014 Firmware would be the best route to go for the ease Market setup.
      Did have some hiccups with 1013 install, but did a FW update with Factory Reset option and didn’t restore settings and apps from a Titanium backup set that I had previously created.
      *Also use CB’s (0929) system file to flash with.
      After flashing, system is behaving itself – able to connect to Market, you can even create an ID through Market.
      Would suggest going this route as it is the simplest option.
      Good luck!

      • I found the 1014 firmware on the mfr. website, but haven’t got enough smarts to know what I should do with it. Reading through the messages in this thread, I can’t figure out what I need to do and what I do not need to do, in the way of a huge variety of possibilities. This stuff is all cool if you are a programmer, but even the basic “flashing” vs. firmware update, without step by steps is really confusing to me. Willing to learn and to read the documentation, but simply not sure what is useful and what is harmful. The mfr.’s website messages don’t say anything about how to install the firmware, either, that I can find. ….?

    • Texarc, you will need the burntool as well as the Firmware.
      *Prerequisites :
      Windows XP (ONLY)
      Latest Firmware
      secbulk.sys for ZT180
      Burntool for firmware

      Unzip them into a folder on your PC

      1. Open “burntool_v07.2.exe”
      2. Click “setting”according to the view
      (Choose only android options)
      3. Tick uboot-img, and search for the FW file (u-boot.img) using browser button
      4. Tick linux-kernel, and search for the FW file (ZImage-cui) using browser button
      5. Tick linux-sys, and search for the FW file (system.img) using browser button
      6. Tick linux-udat, and search for the FW file (userdata.img) using browser button
      7. Ensure that the burn radio button is selected
      (Only tick the Tick box under the Burn radio button [??] is for Factory reset)
      8. Click ok (the left button)

      ZT180 must be off.

      Connect ZT180 to PC via the USB – OTG port, Press and hold the Home button while pressing the power button.

      If this is the first time Windows connects to the PC it will ask for driver, use secbulk.sys file to install the device.

      If installed succesfully,
      9. On the Burntool main screen, Device 10 should go green – if not, retry connecting it to Windows

      10. Click start to burn image to ZT180

      11. Wait for progress bar to reach 100%, does this a couple times so wait for it and the last comment in the log should be UpdatePipeState:0x600000f 6

      Hope this helps! I have links for the aforemention files if you need them as well as an instruction document.

  63. Supplier comments :
    Factory recently in the production of 2.2 system tablet PC(support FLASH player), next week, it will have a Windows 7 tablet PC, so maintenance is relatively slow at Factory.

    Looks like the Zenthink folks are hard at work

    • Texarc, you will need the burntool as well as the Firmware.
      *Prerequisites :
      Windows XP (ONLY)
      Latest Firmware
      secbulk.sys for ZT180
      Burntool for firmware

      Unzip them into a folder on your PC

      1. Open “burntool_v07.2.exe”
      2. Click “setting”according to the view
      (Choose only android options)
      3. Tick uboot-img, and search for the FW file (u-boot.img) using browser button
      4. Tick linux-kernel, and search for the FW file (ZImage-cui) using browser button
      5. Tick linux-sys, and search for the FW file (system.img) using browser button
      6. Tick linux-udat, and search for the FW file (userdata.img) using browser button
      7. Ensure that the burn radio button is selected
      (Only tick the Tick box under the Burn radio button [??] is for Factory reset)
      8. Click ok (the left button)

      ZT180 must be off.

      Connect ZT180 to PC via the USB – OTG port, Press and hold the Home button while pressing the power button.

      If this is the first time Windows connects to the PC it will ask for driver, use secbulk.sys file to install the device.

      If installed succesfully,
      9. On the Burntool main screen, Device 10 should go green – if not, retry connecting it to Windows

      10. Click start to burn image to ZT180

      11. Wait for progress bar to reach 100%, does this a couple times so wait for it and the last comment in the log should be UpdatePipeState:0x600000f 6

      Hope this helps! I have links for the aforemention files if you need them as well as an instruction document.

  64. Links to the aforementioned files would insure I get the right ones, and instruction documents will help educate me on what to do, when, and why 🙂 Much appreciated and probably will help a number of other folks as well. Thank you for your assistance!

  65. burntool_v07.2.exe is not found on the search tool for nor on the android market. ALso, the secbulk.sys doesn’t turn up on either site. Where do I need to download these files?

  66. Hello, as requested :

    1. Create new Folder on Windows XP c:, call it ZT180 in folder ZT180 create new folder 1013

    Burntool :

    2. Download and unrar Burntool into c:\ZT180

    Usermanual :

    1013 firmware (1024 x 600)
    3. Download and unrar firmware to c:\ZT180\1013

    4. Follow instructions as previous post or use the user manual provided

    1. Open “burntool_v07.2.exe”
    2. Click “setting” (Choose only android options)
    3. Tick uboot-img, and search for the FW file (u-boot.img) using browser button
    4. Tick linux-kernel, and search for the FW file (ZImage-cui) using browser button
    5. Tick linux-sys, and search for the FW file (system.img) using browser button
    6. Tick linux-udat, and search for the FW file (userdata.img) using browser button
    7. Ensure that the burn radio button is selected
    (Only tick the Tick box under the Burn radio button [??] is for Factory reset)
    8. Click ok (the left button)

    ZT180 must be off.

    Connect ZT180 to PC via the USB – OTG port, Press and hold the Home button while pressing the power button.

    If this is the first time Windows connects to the PC it will ask for driver, use secbulk.sys file to install the device.

    If installed succesfully,
    9. On the Burntool main screen, Device 10 should go green – if not, retry connecting it to Windows

    10. Click start to burn image to ZT180

    11. Wait for progress bar to reach 100%, does this a couple times so wait for it and the last comment in the log should be UpdatePipeState:0x600000f 6

    ****Hope this was useful****

  67. ******Steps********
    1. Open “burntool_v07.2.exe”
    2. Click “setting” (Choose only android options)
    3. Tick uboot-img, and search for the FW file (u-boot.img) using browser button
    4. Tick linux-kernel, and search for the FW file (ZImage-cui) using browser button
    5. Tick linux-sys, and search for the FW file (system.img) using browser button
    6. Tick linux-udat, and search for the FW file (userdata.img) using browser button
    7. Ensure that the burn radio button is selected
    (Only tick the Tick box under the Burn radio button [??] is for Factory reset)
    8. Click ok (the left button)

    ZT180 must be off.

    Connect ZT180 to PC via the USB – OTG port, Press and hold the Home button while pressing the power button.

    If this is the first time Windows connects to the PC it will ask for driver, use secbulk.sys file to install the device.

    If installed succesfully,
    9. On the Burntool main screen, Device 10 should go green – if not, retry connecting it to Windows

    10. Click start to burn image to ZT180

    11. Wait for progress bar to reach 100%, does this a couple times so wait for it and the last comment in the log should be UpdatePipeState:0x600000f 6

    • This file is proving impossible for me to download. I’ve tried using roadrunner cable modem, also tethered to my 3G phone, can it aborts downloading very shortly after the dl begins.
      Is there another server where I can find/dl this file from? Is it different from the one that CB created, o have things changed in the last two days by any chance, to a different file?

      • bobhood says:

        I provided a link from my personal server to the CB version of the 0929 system image in another post (look for it dated “10.12.10”).

        Here are links to the 1013 release of the full firmware from my personal server as well:

        1013 1024×576
        1013 1024×600

  68. Having been through the different iterations, I can confirm also that 0929 with Christian’s adjustments is the best option. Best thing that 1Password runs on, and best WiFi performance by far.

    Having re-flashed that, no doubt a new firmware is just around the corner that does everything brilliantly!

    • since I cannot download a copy of the 1013 version of the firmware, any chance you can tip me off to a link for the version you are mentioning that CB created, perhaps I can use it instead? Recommendations are appreciated since I really am leaning everything as I go….

  69. Holy Androidnificent, Batman!
    (High praise, Santosh, and many thanks).
    What do you suppose the newer “1014” files are trying to bring to the tablet?
    thanks again.
    I”m sure I’ll screw up something and be back up here soon… 🙂

  70. Hi, Santosh – I dl’d the 1013 rar file from the link, and get an error message after downloading it. Tried twice, same message: ! C:\ZT180\1013\download_1024x600_1013.rar: Unexpected end of archive – so I think it’s not downloading the entire file, the file once dl’d is 35,968 kb in size.
    I went to this url and found a 56,884kb size file: Is this the same rar file, is the 1024×600 the same, or is there some way to download the file you mentioned in a completed format? I’ll try it a few more times…. just can’t figure out why it isn’t pulling the entire file down.??

    • Sure thing, no hassles!
      Just checked the 1013 link and the file size seems correct – i had an issue downloading 1013 as well when i first gave it a try.

      The link you mentioned in the previous post is for 1020, which the latest version. Flashing now to see how it works out, will let you know.

      *5 minutes in – Responsive, Wifi Setup was easy and connection stable (will monitor heat), Connected to market already, Gmail synched. Bookshelf in Aldiko restored. Not too bad.

  71. don’t you sleep? 🙂
    So it sounds like I can safely substitute the file I can download from that site:56,884kb size file: for the 1013 rar file, and apply all of the VERY SPECIFIC steps you listed.
    I’ll make notes as I go for other noobs who don’t really understand totally WHY they do WHAT they do, only that it is necessary to do so 🙂 fingers crossed. My main laptop is 64bit, so I dug out my old Tosh with a flaky screen on xp Pro, will use it for this.

  72. in connecting the slate to my pc, it does not prompt me for “new hardware”. i have the diver for the usb, secbulk.sys, but I do not know which device to choose in my system list to replace the default driver with… (Computer, device manager). Device 10 does not go green when I attach it currently, so I obviously need to uninistall the slate’s usb connection and then reinstall the proper driver secbulk.sys. Suggestions on this step? ie, what is it called in the list of hardware in windows device manager?
    I am using a usb cable that plugs into the top socket just beside the on/off button and into a typical usb socket on my laptop – but it does not trigger any kind of alert from the hardware. After three minutes, the slate boots with “epad” on the screen. It then slowly boots though the normal sequence. The “safely remove ” icon in the sys tray does not show the device so again its not being recognized. How do I kill it off so I can reinstall it with the correct secbulk.sys file?

    • You need to look for the OTG socket, which is on the end by the power socket. It’s a mini USB socket. If you aren’t getting the request to install the driver yet, then you haven’t got the connection to your PC sorted, and that needs to be done for the other steps Santosh has outlined to work.

      • Right on WebKarnage – OTG port should be the one that Texarc should be connecting to – this port is situated between power and standard USB port (normally marked OTG as well)

        TexArc – What we are basically doing when selecting the various items in Burntool (u-boot, System, z-image etc.) is identifying the various portions of the unbundled firmware that Burntool will be using to flash the device. I’m sure someone will come up with a Burntool that automatically pulls in the file it requires from a folder or zipped firmware file, but for now this version of Burntool has to have all the files specified for it to do its flashing job.

        *1013 – update, almost 24 hours later – not too bad, media process fc when booting up and also Wifi performance a bit erratic.

  73. Santosh – i have a cable that fits the OTG socket and a standard 2.0 USB socket on my XP Pro laptop.
    When I first booted the pad by holding the menu button and then the power button, my laptop recognized the new hardware. I directed it to not do a windows search for a driver, instead nav’d to the folder containing the secbulks.sys (and secbulk.inf file), and got a blue screen of death. coldbooted the laptop, and this time I booted the pad, and waited till it had time to go through boot and load process before continuing to install the driver.
    Win offers me two iterations to choose from for the driver from that folder – both are ‘SEC SOC test board” in the description. i then get a response in the “found new hardware wizard”, “Please insert the compast disc labeled ‘US downloader Installation disk fr SEC SOC’ into your ce=drom drive (D:) ad then click ok. I click ok anyway , then I get another “found new hardware wizard” firing up.
    So I powered the pad off, booted as directed, followed the new hardware wizard, and second time it allowed me to point directly to the secbulk.sys file, finally reported it installed correctly. The pad doesn’t boot, just displays the ePAD logo in the middle of the screen. I think this is progress. 😀

  74. The process went so slowly that I gave up and turned in. This morning, rebooted the epad and it shows no “market”,
    firmware 2.1-update-1
    baseband version: unknown
    Kernel version: #1705
    Build Number: p7901-WNG 2.1-UPDATE 1 ee27 ENG.WWANG.20100830.105450 TEST-KEYS
    so nothing took.

  75. I’ll scratch everything, move to an OLDer xp laptop, rebuild all of the download files, and start your checklist from scratch tonite after work and see what I can do.
    Question – when holding the menu button down and powering up, how long should I hold the menu down? I suspect this would cause the boot process to be shortcircuited or otherwise changed from the normal loading of all installed programs, yes?

  76. ON he second reboot attempt, normally shows ePAD in the middle for oh, 120 seconds or longer, then the word android all by itself in fixed font to the left center, then ANDROID in fancier script, finally the desktop with a noise. Still has sam3.5, No Market. so i will also get (From the Austin Frys, an hour away), a new cable with “OTG” specifically on the packaging. The one cable I had came with an Olympus camera (I think), and is the only cable of dozens I own that fits the OTG socket.
    And so it goes….. Thank you again for your help, I’ll get this done one way or another.

  77. I had my choice at Frys – either a 4-pin or a 5-pin mini USB 2.0 adapter cable – I bought both, and am going to start over completely with the process, using the 5 pin cable.


    this link seems to have put everything together for me in a pretty concise bundle. My google account is synced up, and I actually see and can access Market on my machine, and it defaulted to my gmail account’s contents. Go figure…. let’s see if I can download/install/run any market apps? epocrates is invaluable to a pharmacist, so I’m picking that one. Typical warning of which resources will be used, …it’s downloading…holy cow….booyeah, downloading clinical content, I can check drug interactions, id drug imprints, wayyyyyyy coooll, just like my EVO, only larger.
    hmm. If I don’t have wifi access, how do I make it work…
    ok, a whole new problem….. is there a way to get this tablet to see any other broadcast medium for content like my gmail if I am stuck in a place with no wifi?

  79. Good going TexArc – I see you’ve been burning the midnight oil.

    Looking @ your post :
    firmware 2.1-update-1
    baseband version: unknown
    Kernel version: #1705
    Build Number: p7901-WNG 2.1-UPDATE 1 ee27 ENG.WWANG.20100830.105450 TEST-KEYS
    *Yip that’s the 0830 one.

    Nice link to dreambeta – very good instruction set.

    I’m dabbling with 3G USB stick for connectivity now, works on the 0830 release, but not on 0929 – will be testing it today on the 1013 release.

    *Wifi still a bit niggly on 1013

    • *1013 – 3G Usb stick detected as Udisk, so I guess this one doesn’t work. 0929 and 0830, detected device and saw mobile network, 1013 doesn’t even get that far.

      *Huawei k3565 USB stick, with CDROM/Mass Storage disable (AT^UDIAG=0)

      • that’s a serious reason to go back to 929, if it provides access to 3G network here in the Yew Ess, if I understand what you are saying. Sounds like I need to go looking for that particular USB attachment, and burn a different set of files to the pad. I also have noticed that MARKET is not reliable – sometimes it is there, other times, it just wants to close.

      • I do still maintain that 0929 (with Christian’s changes) is the best of the lot so far. Slightly less stable audio, but way less force closes, FAR better WiFi performance, works with 1Password, Angry Birds performs better (Christian’s removed things that use power in the background).

        Here’s waiting for newer versions from Zenithink, but maybe it would take Android 2.2 to really get me interested!

      • On 1014 now, 3G USB stick works fine – able to connect and everything relatively ok. Some FC issues with Gallery when it machine starts, but so far so good.

      • WebKarnage – gave CB’s 0929 a try yesterday – finally. Interface and responsiveness pretty good, although WIfi gave me a bit of hassle and Market refused to allow downloads – always ended in Download Unsuccesful, tried some fixes and then gave up hope. Back on 1014, running ATK with Auto Kill Level set to Safe, adjusted ADW Settings for better control and running Ubuntu theme set.

        *FC every once in a while with Google.Map process, but so far so good.

      • You have to run the market and try to enter your Google ID first, then run Christian’s AutoMarket app to fix it with the ID info from the emulator or you get that.

        Whenever I make a change back like that I check the factory reset option in the firmware uploading app.

        How can you get decent WiFi from 10xx? I only got line of sight to log in! I can get more than twice the range with 0929 as I think it’s set run the WiFi on much higher power.

  80. Ok, so I just received 2 of these today for my kids for Christmas. WebKarnage sent me to your site and I wanted to ask a few questions before doing any updates. Here is what I have on both machines;

    Ok looking deeper found more info;
    Model Number 1000ET

    Firmware Version

    Kernal Version usbandroid#1608

    Build Number

    I can not get logged into any gmail account that I have, so not sure what to do from here. Do we need to update, ot what? Would appreciate your expertise on this, and what direction to go to. Market is installed, but since we can’t get to any email account, does us no good.

  81. Ok here is my question. Just received 2 of these today and they have 1020 already installed on them. However when trying to use my gmail account to login it will not connect to the database or server. All other Internet is working ok. Do I need to reinstall 1020 with all of the new guides out and get an Android Id to be able to use the tablets correctly??

  82. Here is the error that I am still getting after flashing the original software again from the ZeniThink,us site

    Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server.
    This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

    Thew last step before signing in was to set the date and time, not sure if this is causing this issue, but I did not see anywhere in any settings on how to do this.

    • bobhood says:

      I’ve seen this before (experienced it myself). The Market needs time to synchronize. This can take anywhere from an hour to a day (or sometimes more). You need to just give it some time and try again later.

      • I got that same tip on another site today too. Do I need to leave them connected to the network and let this happen?

        Don’t really see why I can’t even login, and how it syncs market but I am willing to give it a shot.

      • bobhood says:

        I’ve done both (left it logged in, and turned it off). I don’t think it really matters; the delay is on their servers, not on your device.

        To access the main settings, click on the icon on the top-right of the task bar (next to the “Home” icon”). That’ll bring up a menu on the lower area of the display, and select “Settings”. There’ll be an option in there somewhere about setting the date and time.

  83. Santosh – I have not been able to turn up the USB device you mentioned for use with 3G. ANy chance you know of a link where I can read/learn more about one, and using it here in the US? ( Huawei k3565 USB stick, with CDROM/Mass Storage disable (AT^UDIAG=0) )

    • Santosh says:

      hello Texarc, it’s a Huawei 4345. Bought off ebay uk, typically any huawei where u are able to disable cdrom/mass storage should b ok. Google zt180 3g compatability thread.

      • Santosh – thanks, I’ll look for that other message thread – didn’t occur to me to check (Slap of hand to back of head 🙂 ).
        I did track down this site: , but my Thai is not very good…. It looks like they have a LOT of possible nifty products… 🙂
        My daughter is over the moon – I gave her the epad last night after the leather cover from zenithink arrived – it has a builtin keyboard, works great for 25 bucks, and it makes crutching so much easier for her due to the lightweight. way cool stuff.
        I truly appreciate your help – thank you very much!

      • bobhood says:

        Hey, Texarc, can you post a link to the site where you got the leather case + keyboard for your ZT-180? Just in case others might want one as well.

    • Ralph Davage says:

      I have the same keyboard from much cheaper than those from China ($40-$50). Running 1014 firmware, keyboard blinks on zt180 but then nothing are there some settings I need to adjust. It works with my Orphan M16 and Eken M0003.

  84. Dean S says:

    Dear Bob I have read these instructions with interest, however I am not a developer andd simply want to view Android market, upgrade software etc, where do I go for these, as tbere seems to be no central website for zentilink pad users. I’m finding getting a usable java programme very difficult to find as well as flash. Any suggestions?

  85. bobhood says:

    Just thought I’d post this comment that was made by Christian Buchner yesterday:

    I would not recommend my custom 0927 image anymore. In the 1030 official firmware some bugs have been fixed (audio) and lots of improvements were made (screen calibration, etc). It’s best to go with 1030 IMHO.

    I’ve not yet moved beyond the 0927CB image, because I’ve been so satisfied with it, so I cannot say from personal experience how the 1030 image behaves. However, I’ve yet to hear anything negative about it.

    • Hey Bob, 1030 running pretty well – just finding trouble with overheating on WiFi – have done TXpower fix and hopefully will resolve. All in all – pretty smooth and quick touch interface, ran a calibration and works well.
      I’m liking 1030 – it seems to have all the bells and whistles in a pretty stable framework – I’d like to clear my Dalvik cache as well to see if it makes any difference, but all the funky appearance behaviours work pretty sound on the 1030.

    • bobhood says:

      Yeah, I came to that realization not long after getting involved with the community. I have also noticed that movie playback is not as smooth as I would have thought, regardless of the quality and resolution (an indicator that the processor is underpowered). And, yeah, I have to admit that I probably overpaid for mine.

      However, it was a lot cheaper than an iPad, and I purchased mine with the idea that it was a “throw away”, that I would use it to see what Android was like, to see if it was something I would rather go with over Apple’s products. I’m now waiting for the much more powerful tablets that are starting to hit the U.S. market (and waiting for their initially ridiculous prices to drop) before I swap this one out.

      Until then, though, I’m kinda comfortable with it (10.2″ is fantastic, especially for e-reading and web browsing), so it will hold me over.

      • Old article that – prices dropped dramatically thereafter. Remember picking up mine for $190, and now it’s at $162.
        I enjoy the APAD, the only annoyance is the poor visibility in daylight. Reader works well, Documents to Go is great, 10.2″ screen good enough for browsing, facebook, Gmail, Angry Birds(!), twitter.
        You get what you pay for I suppose, but it has been a great effort bringing tablet clones in the market – Ipad prices seem to have dropped a little, especially here is South Africa.
        Couples month ago IPAD, 64Gig, 3G and Wifi – $1500, now $1100.

  86. bobhood says:

    Thought I’d point out this Linux on the ZT-180 project over on Slatedroid for those of us who are geeky enough ( like me 😉 ). It’s kinda cool in that it uses the sdcard for the Linux partition image, and you can go back to Android simply by re-flashing the zImage again.

    • Sounds interesting…you enjoying it Bob?

      Would like to give it a try, for now 1030 kicks butt! 3G compatability all works well, out of the box market and some other small apps. Running the Ubuntu ADW theme which is a little glossy.
      Also tablet is a tad more responsive, my wife tested 1014 on her tablet and I’m running 1030 – she tried the 1030 on my tab, all in all she said response was better and less FC’s then 1014 – although she mentioned that the unit seems to heat up a little near the wireless card.

      • bobhood says:

        I’ve not tried it yet. I’m debating on which would be more beneficial for me, Android or Linux. I bought this for some fairly limited entertainment stuff — ebook reading, web browsing, and watching movies. The last one — movie playback — is the only thing so far that has been sub-par, and I don’t know that Linux would be an improvement. Even if I were able to use VLC under Linux, I think the processor on this thing is underpowered, so it probably wouldn’t help.

        Running Linux on it would just be a fun exercise at this point, one I may try out when I get bored, and it gets a little further along (they don’t yet seem to have everything working). And it might be worth waiting for Ubuntu to be running on it instead of just Debian.

    • Dalvik cache is typically a program cache area for the program dalvik – similiar to Windows prefetch files.

      Dalvik is the java based VM (virtual machine) that is the basis for running your programs (the .apk extension type).

      Used to make access times faster because there is no JIT (just in time) compiler installed by default, dalvik-cache is the result of dalvik doing a optimization of the running program.

  87. Richard says:

    My new aPad Orphan M16 arrived this morning from Chinagrabber, but there are two problems:

    1. There is no licence code for Android – I have taken that up with Chinagrabber!

    2. I have the screen resolution problem referred to above. The screen resolution is not compatible for Android 2.1 (I think Android is 1024×600 and the screen resolution is 1024×576). The installed build is deb-r2.1.1001 and I just wondered whether I should look at moving to the 1013 1024×576 full firmware upgrade.

    I am fairly good with computers, but if anyone can advise whether I should do it and have a step-by-step guide or can let me know the advantages/disadvantages of doing this, then I would be vary grateful.

    Many thanks.


    • Orphan M16…..I’m sure this was a ZT180 thread – nonetheless, this may or may not work for you. (in short caveat lector)

      Richard, would suggest flashing the firmware with a matching Firmware resolution set.

      The ZT180’s did have an issue with the 1024×600 and 1024×576 – some models where shipped with the incorrect firmware, causing the screen to taper off towards the bottom.

      Check out the links posted by Bob in comment

      10.31.10 / 6pm

      for the firmware and follow instuctions on how to flash
      Texarc’s post will definetly help –

      10.31.10 / 9pm

      • Richard says:

        Hi Santosh – thanks for the reply – and apologies for the slightly off-topic post, but this was the most helpful blog I could find!

        Before I try upgrading, do you think that the 1013 1024×576 full firmware upgrade should work on my Orphan aPad?


    • Richard says:

      Thanks Chris – very helpful. Same question as to Santosh. Before I try upgrading, do you think that the 1013 1024×576 full firmware upgrade should work on my Orphan aPad or is it specifically for the ZT-180?


    • Hi Richard…tough one – apparently these are the same machine – how true that is, I can’t really tell.

      Reading through Slatedroid, XDA and other resources it appears that they run the same Firmware – so this should not be an issue for you to use the Zeni’s firmware on this machine.

      *Proceed with caution – caveat lector
      Do not have enough experience on Orphan to provide a more suitable answer – quezzies on Zt180, fire away!

    • Richard Osborn says:

      Thanks again Santosh – and I understand the disclaimer! Will the 1030 firmware work on a 1024×576 screen? Thanks.

      • Yes, the firmware package has the following files :

        When choosing the file in the Burntool – select the correct Zimage

      • Richard Osborn says:

        Hi Santosh,

        Following up on our recent messages, I downloaded the Zenithink 1030 update for my aPad and downloaded the USB drivers. I could see the green light in the burntool.exe, but when I pressed start to flash the new ROM, the progress bar would not move at all – stuck at 0%. See the text from the burntool below.

        The USB then just disconnects and the aPad boots up, but the update obviously hasn’t worked.

        Do you have any ideas to suggest please?



        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\Users\Richard Osborn\Documents\burn.ini
        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\Users\Richard Osborn\Documents\burn.ini
        strBootModle: 1
        strNboot_RunType: 0
        strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000
        strNboot_SrcPath: c:\
        strUboot_IsLoad: 1
        strUboot_SrcPath: C:\Users\Richard Osborn\Documents\u-boot.img
        strNk_IsLoad: 0
        strNk_SrcPath: c:\
        FileSave!szPathName: C:\Users\Richard Osborn\Documents\burn.ini
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x188)]
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x190)]
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x198)]
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x1a0)]

      • Mmmh…tough one Richard.

        Maybe look at using a folder that is closer to your root c:
        e.g. C:\ZT180\

        Could be spaces that the software is having trouble with.

        Also, you are using Windows XP right?

        And you are plugged into the OTG port?

        Started device by holding the back button and switching on?

        When you start the burn, does your computer disconnect the device and reconnect it in XP

      • Richard says:

        Thanks for the reply again Santosh.

        I tried your suggestion with moving the ZT180 folder to the C: root but still no luck – the progress bar does not move and the tablet finally disconnects. I am using Windows Vista not XP, but it is 32 bit. I am using the front USB port on my PC.

        The text from burntool.exe is below. Do you have any other suggestions please?

        Thanks again.

        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        strBootModle: 1
        strNboot_RunType: 0
        strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000
        strNboot_SrcPath: c:\
        strUboot_IsLoad: 1
        strUboot_SrcPath: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\u-boot.img
        strNk_IsLoad: 0
        strNk_SrcPath: c:\
        FileSave!szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        strBootModle: 1
        strNboot_RunType: 0
        strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000
        strNboot_SrcPath: c:\
        strUboot_IsLoad: 1
        strUboot_SrcPath: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\u-boot.img
        strNk_IsLoad: 0
        strNk_SrcPath: c:\
        FileSave!szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x230)]
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x228)]
        FileLoad! szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        strBootModle: 1
        strNboot_RunType: 0
        strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000
        strNboot_SrcPath: c:\
        strUboot_IsLoad: 1
        strUboot_SrcPath: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\u-boot.img
        strNk_IsLoad: 0
        strNk_SrcPath: c:\
        FileSave!szPathName: C:\ZT-180_1030fw\burn.ini
        [Nboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000 strNboot_DestAddr: 0x40200000]
        Opened successfully.
        Opened successfully.
        [SUCCESS: ReadFile otgtype:(0) hRead:(0x314)]

    • Hi Richard….Vista could be the problem.

      Have not been able to flash from a Windows 7 machine, and they probably share the same comstruct with Vista machines.

      Best bet is to try and XP install.

      Read on another forum – Chinadigitall (Thanks bighkkid!)

      Finally I successfully installed the usb drivers on my Windows Vista environment.
      Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager

      Windows Vista will detect the ZT-180 as an unknown device. Click on the unknown device, a window will pop up, then select “reinstall drivers’ and browse where the folder of the usb drivers is. Press “OK” then the windows Vista will start installing the drivers. And at the end of the process, it will tell you if your installation is successfully or not.

      This appeared to have solved his problem which was quite similiar to yours.

      • Richard says:

        Hi Santosh,

        I have also now tried a Windows XP install and it is doing exactly the same thing. Unless you have any other suggestions or ideas, then I suspect that this is an issue with trying to install the Zenithink firmware on the aPad M16 and that the two are just not compatible.

        Many thanks.


  88. Boggles says:

    Hi having major probs with Kindle app?…tried the fix earlier but still get invalid book please delete and try again..really strange as i have been able to get 1 book ok!!…i have de registered and deleted app and folder on sd card..stil no joy..
    firmware version..2.1..update 1…20101029

    Any of you clever bods got an answer?..i have a branded version elonex e touch from UK..


    • Heya Boggles…..more of an aldiko reader myself on the Zt180, but have read somewhere that Kindle is sometimes sticky over your region setup or provider setting.

      Some suggestions :
      1 Uninstall your kindle app
      2 use market enabler T-mo US setting(normally reset when you reset ur tablet
      3 Download and install kindle
      4 then try a book download.

      Otherwise, it may be a DRM issue on the kindle app and your device.

      *Proceed with caution – caveat lector
      Clean your Dalvik cache, using ADB commands or Root explorer with Universal Androot root permissions

      Taken from ChinaDigital.Com
      They advised me to:
      1. Delete the app from BOTH Android devices and deregister all the devices on the Manage My Kindle page.
      2. Download and reinstalled the app FIRST on the zt-180 and re-registered it.
      3. Delete all the books that show up and re-send them to the device, newly re-registered.

      As soon as I did that, it worked! Must be some confusion between multiple Android devices. I haven’t tried reinstalling on the phone again, but since the tablet is bigger and better for reading books it doesn’t matter too much.

  89. bobhood says:

    Well, I have to say that, while I’ve been having fun with my ZT-180, I’m beginning to think about getting an iPad. I need a device for entertainment and for reading ebooks (PDFs, CHMs, etc.). The ZT-180 has been fantastic for reading ebooks, but it has fallen short in the other areas. For example, regardless of how I generate them or the settings I use (and I’m pretty expert at it), I cannot get video playback to run smoothly. There’s always some regular stuttering, like it is dropping frames. That irritates me to the point where I don’t want to watch videos.

    I had always considered my ZT-180 as an “introduction” device, something I would use to play with Android and see what it offered. I planned to replace it with one of the new Android 2.2 devices that were supposed to be released here in the States in Q4 of this year. Well, as of this post, it is December 13th, and there really aren’t any. There’s one, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it is offered only with Verizon service, costs as much as a low-end iPad (~$500), and is only 7 inches. Add to this the fact that when the as-yet-unreleased crop of Android tablets do finally start hitting the US market, it will be quite a while before competition cause their prices to drop to a reasonable level. Honestly, I don’t see reasonably priced Android 2.2-based tablets (with hardware acceleration) appearing until at least late next year. Sadly, I can’t see my ZT-180 satisfying me until that day arrives.

    Of course, you could argue that the prices are still prohibitive for the iPads, and I’d wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I will be in receipt of something that might just negate that argument for me personally. I’m receiving a 4th-gen iPod Touch that could more than likely be applied to a Apple store trade-in to an iPad, thus making the price of an iPad highly competitive for me. The only reason I originally discounted the iPad as an option was because of its ridiculous price. That may no longer be a roadblock for me in this situation. And, I could use the iPad until the Android tablets shake down, leaving some clear choices and better prices.

    Of course, I’m just thinking out loud at this point. Has anybody actually seen any Android 2.2 tablets besides the Samsung Galaxy Tab available yet in the US market? I saw one for sale at Sears, but all the reviews for it were bad. Many people took it back.

  90. bobhood says:

    I’m seeing credible rumors that Zenithink has given up on their ZT-180 port of Android 2.2 (“Froyo”). 😦

    • On the contrary my dear friend, hot off the site – posted by omarahum (I think he is dealing directly with the Zeni engineers for testing, based on his posts)

      Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:36 am
      Wow, Christmas came early for me, I’m downloading the Froyo Beta right now. Don’t think I’m going to try it, at least not for a while, I’m liking the 1126 beta, but still excited …

      In a message dated 12/20/2010 1:52:55 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, atpboy444 writes:

      dear all:

      here some problems at improving the froyo, i think it will take some time. So i release the beta version of froyo for the interested users.Here is the big prolem not solved:

      1 usb mass storage for sdcard
      2 wifi hoc
      3 time sync
      4 sometime accur ‘system’ is not reponse when boot
      5 any other problem not tested

      and another:

      i add the debug kernel for developer,which can use it replace his module in android:

      1 burn boot of debug(which replace usb update to debug option).
      from that boot,
      in boot phase ‘spl’, usb update is meanless ( of course, you’d better not reflash the spl, that will keep usb update function)
      in boot phase ‘boot’, left is debug, right is change system and menu is update fro sd
      * boot phase ‘spl’ is mean,no screen(code in 8K),and ‘boot’ is has screen show
      2 you will see the data part method in readme

      best wish

  91. How to utilise your external hard disk drive on the Zeni

    You don’t really need an externally powered HDD.
    Importantly, the Disk needs to be FAT32, so your partitions can’t exceed 32GB.
    The maximum filesize is limited to 4GB.
    The ZT will only find and use the first partition – the rest of the drive can be partitioned as NTFS and used accordingly.

  92. Merry Christmas everyone, hope your Holidays have been great!

    Little off topic of the ZT-180, but this is where I need to ask this question and maybe get some guidance. My dad just bought the NextBook3 for him and my mom, after seeing the zt-180 that I bought for the kids. It has firmware version,

    So this version does not have Android Market and it is running 2.1 Android OS. Does anyone here have an opinion or answer about the firmware upgrade? The site for these says coming soon, but I was wondering if you could just put 1030 here, the same way that the zt is upgraded? And just use the firmware only and upgrade.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Wouldn’t suggest it personally.

      Different drivers and resolutions may cause huge trouble on your NextBook – could void warranty as well.

      Rather try the Market hack that we all used to use before a stable firmware contained a working Market install.

      • Thx, that is what I figured. I did mange to get 2 other open markets on the tablets for my parents; Applanet and SlideMe, which was the entire point of getting new firmware. I have to say that I am very impressed with the NextBook3. Very fast, and sturdily built. I also am awaiting a Coby Kyos, that I ordered for myself, can’t wait and see what it has in store. That would bring the count to 5 new Android tablets over the Holiday, and 2 new Android phones, one which has already been rooted and running several great rooted apps, and some clock speed management too.

        How do you do the market hack, is that the one with the SDK and all?

      • Yep, the whole bang shoot as documented by Bob Hood at the top of this Blog – heading is titled Setup. Good luck!

        With all the dough you outlayed for these devices, surprised that you didn’t go for an IPAD, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab

  93. Anyone having issues with the 1030 not obtaining the ip on a wireless network? We just opened 2 of these that I bought for the kids, and I had already updated to 1030. One of them finds the network fine, and the other just tried to obtain the ip over and over.

    I reflashed it again and it is still giving me the same issues.

  94. Used 1030 considerably on the ZT 180, worked cool – running 1126 now and it seems to be working well for me. Apparently 1204 is out – but I’m keeping my eye out for an Android 2.2 flash for the ZT, which hopefully the boffs over at chinadigitalcomm are making good progress on.

    From what I have read, it’s not as simple and straightforward as we’d like it to be, as yet. Also, (sadly) may not even solve our Flash for Browser issue…….that’s the clincher for me.

    Apparently the 4d desktop works well on the test someone on that site has completed, as well as a huge speed boost – something currently lacking due to the unneccessary services and apps that run currently.

  95. Shawn says:

    I’m trying to install the USB drivers, but it’s never successful. The error I get is “Windows is unable to install your Android Phone.”
    Windows could not find driver software for you device.

    Now I know that I’m pointing it to the correct location. I’ve tried downloading the drivers from various sources to make sure that they’re good. Each time I get the same result. I’m running XP 32 bit.

    Any suggestions?

  96. Ok, so after waiting 2 weeks from my eBay supplier I finally got my ZT-180, which of course doesn’t download from the Android network, hence why I am here. All this talk of 0827, 0818, etc has me confused.

    Where do I find this info?

    From the settings all I see is this:

    Firmware: 2.1-update1
    Kernel: usbandroid#1608
    Build number: zt180-eng 2.1update1 ERE27 eng.root.20101204.113523 test-keys

    So far everything seems pretty slick with this thing, just need to get the Market working correctly. I was looking over here and since I already have an Android phone (HTC hero & HTC evo) I am going to try to copy my info from that without flashing/rooting my tablet.

    • bobhood says:

      Your device is using the 1204 firmware. It’s in the “eng.root.20101204.113532” segment. That’s actually a newer firmware than I’m using (mines still on 1030).

      I don’t know if the process for setting up your Market access is still the same on 1204, but I would imagine it is. I know there was one firmware release that altered things enough that it’s reported that you can no longer flash backwards to a previous firmware, but the process for enabling the Market is still the same, I think.

      If you’ve tried the steps in the article and failed, then you might need to look elsewhere. I’m probably going to stay at 1030 on this particular hardware, as I have pre-ordered the 16GB Archos 101, and I don’t know how much more I’ll be using the ZT-180 once it arrives (if it ever does).

  97. Thanks Bob, I thought the 1204 might be it, but wasn’t certain.

    I would just think that this issue would be resolved by now, especially since they advertise it as Android network ready.
    I will be trying the fix…hoping it works.

  98. Well something really weird happened. I downloaded and ran the UniversalAndroot file above and my downloads that had been stuck downloaded just fine.

    Just wanted to say thanks.

  99. blondejon says:

    Hi Bob, There is now a reported v2 of the tablet with more ram and more storage space and running Froyo, would you be tempted or have you had enough from Zenithink for now?

    • bobhood says:

      As I’ve been hinting at with posts above, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone as far as I’m going to go with Zenithink’s hardware. I purchased my ZT-180 as a stop-gap because there were no domestic (US) Android tablets available yet at a reasonable price with reasonable features.

      That landscape is starting to change, however. I have an Archos 101 arriving next Monday, and I’m guessing I’ll probably not do much with my ZT-180 after that. It was only $100US more than I paid for my ZT-180, and, on paper, it blows it out of the water.

      So, for me, the ZT-180 did what I intended: It introduced me to the world of Android 2.x, and let me see how much I might like and use a 10″ internet tablet. As I expected to, I will be moving on to not-necessarily-bigger and better things soon.

  100. blondejon says:

    Thanks for the response. I think if the zt-180 had 512mb ram from the off and a better screen it would have been a 100% winner, mine cost me £130 including shipping so I cant complain about the price. The problem is Ive picked up a phone for £100 that does have that ram and the better screen and I now find I use that even for ebook reading over the tablet 😦

  101. andrew says:

    thanks for the informative article, and the helpful later comments. from reading this and the links you reference, i managed to flash my girlfriend’s zt180 and install the google market. it’s certainly a lot more useful now.

  102. says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am awaiting delivery of a ZeniThink 2 which has Froyo and a slug of tools installed. There are so many changes since the original ZeniThink that this clearly is somewhat of a horse of a different color. My question is whether anything you’ve been talking about here is applicable to my new tablet?

    • bobhood says:

      Really impossible to tell. It depends upon what Zenithink altered (hardware and software). In addition, everything documented here is for 2.1. The game may have changed drastically with 2.2 (“Froyo”).

      You should actually wait and play with the new machine before you decide you need to hack it. It may actually come with the Market enabled already, so you wouldn’t even need to employ any of these instructions.

    • bobhood says:

      Well….I was thinking of writing an article doing a review of it, but here are some highlights:

      • – The device has hardware-accelerated graphics, and compared to my experience with the ZT-180, it’s amazing.
      • – The device supports OpenGL ES 2.0, the latest (and greatest) embedded OpenGL version.
      • – The unit is thin and light, the bevel is small, and the built-in stand is nice.
      • – It’s a capacitive-touch screen, like the iPad, so you can only use your finger (and I ABHOR fingerprints and smudges, but it’s the price you pay, I guess).
      • – The built-in speakers are pretty decent.
      • – It has Bluetooth.
      • – It has HDMI out.
      • – 16GB of internal RAM is very nice and convenient. I don’t have to carry a USB drive, unless I really want to.
      • – Its 802.11n wireless speed “is currently limited to 54Mbs”. Why? I have no idea. I complained to Archos about this, and that was their response verbatim. I can get 130Mbs on the bare ZT-180, and 270Mbs with an 802.11n dongle plugged into its USB port. So, the Archos 101 is a fail at the moment in terms of wireless.
      • – The screen is a bit too reflective, making it distracting when watching videos.
      • – The screen’s viewing angle is harsh. You have to look at it slightly lower than at a straight right angle, or it starts “inverting” from the bottom up. Another fail (to be fair, though, I was warned about this before I bought it).
      • – The built-in camera is rather bad, but again, to be fair, it was not a feature I considered when deciding to purchase it.
      • – Comes without any kind of protective sleeve or screen cover.
      • – The device turns on when you plug it into A/C to charge the battery. You have to actually make it turn off if you are just wanting to charge it.
      • – There’s no visual indicator that the battery is finished charging if you just plug it in to charge the battery. The power light remains green the whole time.
      • – The device can only currently be temporarily rooted. There is a permanent root solution available for it, but it involves flashing a completely different firmware (which will, of course, void the warranty). I’m not currently planning to root it while it is under warranty.

      So, if they fix/enable the 802.11n speeds, then I’d say, yes, it was well worth the extra $100 that I paid over the ZT-180. However, seeing as how the iPad 2 was pretty much a disappointment in its feature set, I’ll be using this Archos 101 until at least the iPad 3 is announced.

  103. andrew says:

    interesting comments Bob, now that the zenithink is useful, my girlfriend is using it a lot more, so i was considering what to buy next, i’d be interested in reading an article about your experiences should you consider writing one


  104. blondejon says:

    so now that the screen is capacitive rather than resisitive is that any better? also does it have market access as older archos models didnt have this feature. Battery life was a big dissapointment for me on the zenithink, whats it like on the archos

    • bobhood says:

      I think in this case “better” is subjective, and also varies by the mobility of the hardware. I personally come from the PDA era, where a stylus was typical (because PDAs use resistive screens). So, I am more conditioned to use a stylus.

      Now, having used a capacitive screen, I do personally find that I prefer a stylus. It is more accurate, and leaves you with a much cleaner screen. I really don’t see the appeal of capacitive screens. Sure, you can’t do “multi-touch” with a resistive screen, but for the purposes to which I put my tablets (music, ebooks, movies), multi-touch means nothing. And — I can still use my finger with a resistive screen, if I really want to. The reverse is not true (i.e., I cannot use a stylus with a capacitive screen).

      The size of the device may be more of a draw with capacitive screens. If you are using a smart phone or other small screen, it may be more cumbersome to carry along (and probably frequently lose) a stylus, where your finger is always handy, and if you’re really careful, never gets lost. 🙂

      The battery life seems to be pretty good — so far as I’ve been able to test, it’s actually better than the ZT-180. I watched a movie on the airplane that was 80 minutes long (“Devil”), and had the device on for some time before and after, and it took about 15% of the battery.

      This of course is at the standard clock rate of the device. Something I think I neglected to mention above is that I think there is a setting in the Archos firmware that allows you to overclock the device (i.e., bump the CPU frequency up to and over 1GHz). Overclocking will obviously consume battery faster, but I so far have not found a need to select/use this feature. It might be more important for things like games, but I don’t play games on my Android tablets.

      So, battery life looks to be pretty good, but YMMV, of course.

  105. blondejon says:

    awesome, any chance I could borrow yours for a road test 😛

    Im quite tempted to wiat for the new tegra 2 powered stuff like to motorola xoom thats on its way to the uk shortly although it is expensive

    • bobhood says:

      Sorry, I missed that point. The answer is, no, not out of the box. Archos ships with something called “AppsLib” which appears to be their own form of a Market. I’ve not used it, though.

      However, there is an app out there that you simply have to follow some steps with, and the Android Market is instantly available. It is certainly far less fuss to enable it on the Archos than it is on the v1 ZT-180.

      I believe this is the one I used, and it works perfectly.

  106. Iyrss says:

    March 9-2011

    Hello Bob

    Wow! You really have a wealth of info and are really an expert, some of this stuff is way over my head.

    My story is long so I will try to be as brief as possible.

    I have a Zenithink Z-180 that I purchased from and am having difficulty getting technical support from them.

    Their USA website is down so I cannot use it so they have given me links to rar files on a Chinese website (that I of course cannot read, I need English)
    (First go to this link
    And then click on to download android system : 1204

    They said that I need to download the update for firmware 1204.

    I did manage to get a file there called epad_0117.rar file (I do not know if it is Chinese or English).

    But I do not have nor can I find any USB drivers. When I connect to my computer, my computer tells me I need USB drivers to use to flash the tablet.

    Do you know of anywhere that I could find and download the USB drivers for the Zenithink ZT-180? I am not having much luck.

    My tablet is the Android 2.1, 256 mb and I am told the tablet has firmware is 1030.

    I am told that this firmware 1204 will get the wifi working.
    That has been my objective in all of this is to get the wifi working (as it does not) so I can use the tablet for the internet which is why I purchased it in the first place.

    Your assistance and expertise is greatly appreciated.

    • bobhood says:

      At the end of the article, you’ll find a link to the “0827” firmware files. Within that archive is a folder called “USB” that contains the drivers you need.

      Be aware that these drivers will only work with a 32-bit version of Windows. I’ve only (successfully) used them under Windows XP 32-bit.

  107. Iyrss says:

    Hello Bob,

    Thank you Thank you for the Prompt response
    I really appreciate you sharing info

    When I clicked on the 0827 at the bottom of the Zenithink article it came up as a 404 file not found.
    Is there another place to get the usb drivers?

    Your asisstance is really appreciated

  108. bobhood says:

    I have handed my ZT-180 on to my son, so I am now officially no longer a ZT-180 owner. It was/is a fun little tablet. I particularly enjoyed how easy it was to root, to flash new firmwares, how nice it was to read PDFs on its big screen, Zenithink’s continuous support of it, and it’s marked lack of fingerprints and smudges ( ARRRGGGGHHH!! 😉 ).

    I’d like to thank all of you for your interest in this article. I hope it helped some of you get more out of your device.

  109. Iyrss says:

    Thanks again Bob for sharing your info with all of us, it was really great!
    I did get the link to work.

  110. blondejon says:

    ive ended up buying an Asus Transformer, it was 3 times the price of the epad but it really is 4 times the machine, thanks for all the previous help bob, now does anyone want to buy an epad…

  111. brnz says:

    are you kidding me i have to do all this ? just to get apps on it ya i’m gonna see how arrow dynamic this thing is ! E piece of shite more like it !!!

    • bobhood says:

      You might want to check the current firmware for the device. This blog entry is getting kind of old now, and Zenithink may have solved this problem by now.

  112. Crystal Brand says:

    I have the zt=180 v2, I have updated successfully, now the sound has quit working. It does hum through the speakers and headphones, any ideas how to fix it?

  113. says:

    Does the ZT-180 v2 has really an OpenGL HW accelerator included?

    I tried Plex Media Client with OpenGL player and it’s not working.

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