Installing Mac OS X 10.5.6 under VMware 6.5.2

One of the current “Holy Grails” of virtual machinery is getting a functional installation of Mac OS X into a VMware virtual machine.   There’s a lot of Google talk out there about how to do it, but not everybody seems to be successful.  I certainly wasn’t for quiet some time.  However, I sat down today and decided to give it my best shot again, and this time I succeeded!  Not only did I succeed with iDeneb 1.4 (which installs Mac OS X 10.5.6), I successfully upgraded that release to 10.5.7.  Cool.  🙂

I’m documenting here the steps I followed (many times, just to make sure they worked for me) to achieve a successful Mac OS X 10.5.x install in a VMware Workstation 6.5.2 machine.  There is no sound, but there is networking, which is far more important to me.  If you find a way to get audio working, you might post it here.

Be aware that these steps worked for me, but YMMV.  If you are not successful using them, there’s not much I can do to help you out.  I had to experiment over and over to find these working steps; you will probably have to do the same to overcome your problems.  For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the file “iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6.iso”.

Here We Go

1. First, of course, you need to grab the iDeneb 1.4 distribution (Mac OS X 10.5.6).  Google it, or use your favorite torrent search engine.
2. Mount the iDeneb ISO as a drive (using something like UltraISO or Virtual CloneDrive).  Note the drive letter of the DVD.
3. Create a new virtual machine in VMware.  The following sequence of screen grabs should show you all the settings you need to create for the new environment:

Tell VMware that you will install the operating system later:
For operating system type, Select “Other”, and then “FreeBSD 64-bit”:
I named it “10.5” because I will upgrade from the 10.5.6 on the iDeneb 1.4 image to 10.5.7. You can call it whatever you like, of course:
Choose the number of processors to let the OS use:
Allocate an amount of memory to use:
Unless you know what you’re doing, select “Bridged networking”:
Drive-type settings:
Set the space available on the disc. The installation will consume 6-7GB, and the update will consume even more. If you need to do more on the drive, increase that size here:
Don’t power on the machine yet:

4. Edit the machine settings, and set the CD/DVD drive to use the one that you noted earlier where the iDeneb 1.4 image is mounted:


5. Power on the machine. You’ll want to be sure you click in the window immediately so it captures the mouse/keyboard focus. When prompted to press “F8” for startup options, press it. Then, at the “boot:” prompt, you can enter options you want for starting the installer. I use the following (‘-v’ means show diagnostic messages; I recommend entering at least that):


6. Now, if you’re lucky, at this point you should boot into the iDeneb installer. When you get to the installation prompt, you’ll want to go to the “Utilities” menu, and launch “Disk Utility”. From this interface, select the VM disc, and then select the “Partition” tab:


7. Create a single-partition layout, leaving the volume type as “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”. This volume type is important: I was unable to get the VM to boot with any other type:


8. Select the “Options” button, and change the disc to use a “Master Boot Record” partition. The other types failed to work for me:


9. “Apply” your partition settings, and exit the “Disk Utility”.
10. Proceed with the installation, selecting your VM disc as the target partition (it will be the only one, if you followed these instructions).
11. When the installation completes, you’ll be prompted to restart. Do so, but when the machine gets back to the boot prompt, “Stop” it immediately (don’t worry, this won’t harm anything) so that you are back to the VMware desktop and the VM is powered off.
12. Change the “CD/DVD” settings of the VM from the specific iDeneb drive back to “Auto”. DO NOT UNMOUNT THE DVD. You’ll want to leave the iDeneb DVD mounted in the operating system, because it seems to be the only way to allow the VM to actually boot correctly.
13. Shut down VMware.
14. Open the .vmx file of the new iDeneb machine (e.g., “Mac OS X 10.5.vmx”), and find the line that starts with “guestOS”. It should contain the entry “freebsd-64”. Change this to “darwin-64”, and save the file.
15. Re-start VMware, and power on the Mac OS X VM. Let the boot screen time out, and if the gods are smiling down upon you, you will boot into Mac OS X 10.5.6.

Post-installation Booting

Of course, things did not go this smoothly for me.  It took me a couple of boot attempts to get the operating system to come up (boot-hang-kill-repeat).  When it did, I did all the set up stuff, and it took me into the OS X desktop. Once I get everything set up that is boot dependent (like updates and screen resolution), I plan to simply suspend the VM so that I can unmount the iDeneb DVD, and then simply power on the VM whenever I need it.

Screen Resolution

There are two ways to control the screen resolution.  You can enter it at the boot prompt (see the previous image), but this is cumbersome, and can typically lead to a failed boot.  Or, you can change the file to make the resolution permament (my preferred approach).  Both approaches require a boot up sequence in order to be successful.  You can read about implementing both approaches here.

Good Luck

If you’ve been looking for a successful way to create a portable Macintosh, I hope this approach works for you. Being a software engineer, it’s really fantastic to be able to carry Linux, Mac OS X, and Vista along with me on a single machine when I’m away from home.

134 thoughts on “Installing Mac OS X 10.5.6 under VMware 6.5.2

    • Jam says:

      It worked but!!! How long did the installation took? My got hang in at the 3 minutes remaining mark. Any ideas I would really appreciated it.

      Thank you.

  1. bobhood says:

    I wish you luck. 🙂

    Some follow-ups from having used the VM for nearly a week…

    I continue to be successful being able to actually power down and re-start the VM with the iDeneb 1.4 DVD mounted in the operating system. This has saved me a couple of times, so it’s good to know that that approach works consistently.

    I have discovered that the keyboard/mouse handling within the running OS X can sometimes get confused. I’ve seen it key-repeat without stopping for no apparent reason. The solution to this appears to be that you need to make sure that your caps-lock functions (the light should go on and off as you press the key with the VM having the keyboard focus) before you do any keyboard activity. If the caps-lock is functioning, everything else seems to work well. I have found that suspending the VM, and then powering it back on causes the caps lock to function. It typically won’t after a cold boot up. YMMV.

    Another keyboard/mouse issue arises sometimes wherein the mouse will get trapped on something. I’ve had text selection become stuck (unable to get out of selecting text), and I’ve had the mouse get trapped on a scroll bar. In these situations, I have powered off the VM (not a good idea) to get out of it, but I also once minimized the window (to let an Xcode compile complete), and then when I restored the window later, the mouse was no longer trapped.

    So, there are definitely some…quirks, but after a while, you’ll know what they are, and can be on the defensive.

    Again, good luck. 🙂

    • Jam says:

      How long did the installation took? My got hang in at the 3 minutes remaining mark. Any ideas I would really appreciated it.

      Thank you.

    • Tobias says:

      Hi! Thanks for this!
      I followed the tutorial and got to the part when you should press F8. I press F8 and the write that “Graphics Mode” stuff. It loads up very well and the upgoing white text on black background disappeirs. Then i get to a screen that has a dark grey background color and all i see is the black Mac mousepointer.
      Whats wrong?
      Please reply this as soon as possible beacuse i really want this!

  2. jarome says:

    Ok thanks for the heads up.

    Currently what i am trying to do is a hard install using vmware on a VHD, yes i am running windows 7. i looked this up and hopefully if your tutorial works then i can continue to try this so i can actually boot into osx from a VHD not vmware.

    currently i am 92.5% done downloading ideneb v1.4 so i kinda have a long way to go.
    thanks for the luck, i’ll need it!

  3. jarome says:

    Mmm well i can’t seem to even get your tutorial to work and to get it to install on a virtual disk…..

  4. bobhood says:

    Some more details on my end, if they make any difference:

    – I’m using VMware Workstation 6.5.2 build-156735
    – I am also using Windows Vista 64 Ultimate
    – 4GB RAM

  5. jarome says:

    ok now i’ve go it to boot… well sorta at first it kept saying click any button to boot or F8 for more options, when i did either one it said file missing, well then i switched it from reading off of the disk (MagicDisk) and just from the iso. this got me to a gray screen (the color of the bottom of this website where the about me is located) with the OSX cursor. and it stopped i can move the cursor but thats it nothing happens.

  6. jarome says:

    ok now i just did it again and for some reason, everytime i try again it seems to go furthur along the process cuz now i get to the grey screen and it shows the cursor like before but then turns into the loading beach ball ???? this seems kinda odd

  7. jlee says:

    I got it to work.. boot and everything..
    but after a while its not connecting to the network on any of the interfaces and don’t know why…

  8. bobhood says:

    I’ve not had a single issue with the networking with this iDeneb release. This is the first of its kind that I’ve seen the networking function “right out of the box”. I don’t care about sound, but without networking, the VM is useless to me.

    The only problem I’ve had (as I’ve noted already) is the keyboard interrupts. It takes a bit of doing to get them going, but once they do, it’s very stable for me. I just suspend the VM in its stable state, and then resume when I want to use it again. Rebooting can cause it all to vanish.

    Keep trying, jlee. I’m sure it’ll work eventually. Nothing good is ever easy. 🙂

  9. bobhood says:

    Another little bit of advice: Once you get everything working, make a snapshot of the state of the VM. I have found that my VM will lock up if I leave it in the background and idle for too long. I just resorted to a snapshot of the VM at a point where everything was working, and didn’t have to mess around with trying to get it all functional again. It does appear to reset the state of the disk as well, so changes you may have made since the snapshot may be gone. Make ’em often if that is important to you.

  10. mikntwd says:

    I have problem. After entering the following command at boot:, the VM machine goes back to the VMWare boot screen and reboots the vm. I cannot get to step #6 as to configure the hard disk / partition.
    Commands tried:
    “-x platform=X86PC”
    “Graphics Mode”=”1024x768x32” -v

    Any suggestion is appreciated as I’d like to get this installed using VMWare Workstation 6.5.


  11. tt says:

    I was able to get the VM installation to work but I am also having the issue with the keyboard repeating. I tried to suspend the VM that didn’t work I was even able to get 10.5.7 to install but still had the keyboard (sticky key) issue. Is there some sort of driver or script that I can run in the OS to fix this?

    • bobhood says:

      No, none that I know of. It just takes patience.

      My experience: You have to keep trying to get the caps-lock key to light up consistently when a shell window has the focus. It may take a few reboots to get it to happen. Once caps-lock is working correctly, your problem with keys suddenly repeating without stopping will cease, and it will be quite stable. At that point, you should make a snapshot so you don’t have to deal with it again (if, for example, the VM locks up or you otherwise would find yourself in a situation where you’d have to reboot it and lose the keyboard interrupts). Then you can just revert to the snapshot, and be right back in a stable state.

    • Jam says:

      How long did the installation took? My got hang in at the 3 minutes remaining mark. Any ideas I would really appreciated it.

  12. Hi,
    Thank U very much.
    I have licensed mac os , came with mac mini , it did not booted (trying to boot from network, i modfied many time boot from cd in host)(windows xp) while trying to make vmware image using vmware workstation 6.

    after a day googling i got ypu, and success.
    Problems faced : this not works on vmware player 6 , hence i uninsatalled vmware old , downloaded vmware plaer2.5.2 , it immidiately got up.

    Finally can u please mail me admin password , i didnot find in your document.

    Vinod kumar gajula
    system admin
    enlume technologies pvt limited.
    hyderabad , India.

    • bobhood says:


      I’m pleased to hear that it did you some good.

      You shouldn’t need the actual administrator password (I actually don’t know what it is). You should only need to ‘sudo’ to the root account, and then change the password to what you want. For example,

      sudo su -

      And enter the user account password (which is “ideneb”). Then you will be at the root prompt, where you can issue passwd to change the root account password.

  13. bandw says:

    I have loaded the image in vmware successfully and it works fine.
    then I enable remote login, it shows the IP:, but ssh iDeneb@ failed. I think I should change network tadapter to NAT not bridged, so I shutdown and boot again, an error occur: “mac operating system not found”, what’s the problem?

    • bobhood says:

      Open the Mac “System Preferences”, and select Network. With the active adapter selection, press the “Advanced” button on the bottom-right of the panel. Press “Renew DHCP Lease”. It will query your DHCP server (typically on your router) and it will assign a new IP address that is appropriate for your network.

    • bobhood says:

      Unless you followed the instructions in this post, and were able to create the image for yourself, you are not going to be able to reboot the image I posted for download. Any attempt will fail. Nature of the beast, sorry.

      (I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in the download comments.)

  14. tt says:

    Thanks Bob for taking the time out to post the VM Image. I am having the same issue as bandw. I added my original iDeneb iso to the CD settings and the error went away but I ran into the dreaded keyboard stuttering issue again. I assume that the .kext files that reside in the iso may be the cause of the keyboard problem. Is it possible to replace the keyboard kext from your VM Image and import it to another?

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, tt.

      As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I did not replace any drivers or modify any files to address the keyboard repeating. I simply rebooted (or suspended and resumed) the image repeatedly, attempting to get the caps-lock to function. Once that happened (and it took patience), the dreaded repeating went away. At that point, I made a snapshot in order to get back to the stable state should something go wrong (and it usually does).

      I’m not a “Mac-head”, so I do not know if replacing the *.kext files will solve this issue. If it succeeds for you, you should considering posting the steps here so others can benefit (including me :).

  15. tt says:

    ok….fingers crossed. I did some research on the keyboard sticking issue and came across a forum on
    by Donk ( ). He has available a download that contains the darwin.iso that loads inside of VMWare that contains the voodoo controller kernel that interacts with your vmx settings to handle usb/ps2 keyboard and mouse issues.

    1. Download this zip file:

    2. Follow the instructions in the manual.pdf (install cmd file)

    3. Modify .vmx file with this value: keyboard.vusb.enable = “FALSE” & guestOS = “darwin-64”. Save .vmx

    5. I still use the iDeneb iso in the CD/DVD Settings.

    4. load VM

    Not guaranteed to work for everyone but I haven’t had a skip in the last hour or so and I have been trying to recreate the bug as hard as I can.

    good luck.

  16. darjen says:

    Hey Bob, I just found your image from searching a torrent site. just wanted to say thanks for sharing all the results from your trial and error! Great work! I’ll be attempting to do some iPhone development with it.

  17. bobhood says:

    Just want to remind everybody: Please read all comments posted so far, both here and on the torrent site. Make sure this image is what you are looking for and that at least has a chance of working for you (e.g., this will not function on AMD processors) before you take the time to download it.

    • bobhood says:

      Not to my knowledge. This is not to say that it’s not been done, just that I’m unaware of it.

  18. patrick says:

    i think one more part is required but it worked for me, to those who keep restarting, please manually use notepad and go to the virtual machine config file and change guest =”darwin”. Not sure but work for me.

  19. znoop says:

    Shout out to bobhood and tt for their great inputs. I was looking through insanelymac forum and was able to see a fix for the sound.

    1. Download from
    2. Download kexthelper from and follow steps at
    3. After installation, reboot your mac and voila sound should be there.

    ps: the music sounds a little skimpy but it’s better than no sound.

  20. Goldfishrock says:

    Bob, thanks for such a great guide. Using it I finally managed to get 10.5.6 installed on VMWare 6.5.2. I did however have to make a couple of alterations to your instructions before I could get to the setup screen

    1. After creating the Virtual machine, I had to go in to the .vmx and change it from ‘FreeBSD-64’ to ‘darwin’. I also had to add the line


    to the bottom of the file before I booted it for the first time. Only once I’d done this was I able to get to the setup screens. Once it was all installed I then changed the .vmx from ‘darwin’ to ‘darwin-64’ (as you instructed) and it booted absolutely fine after that.

    Hope this solution works for some others out there…..



  21. jittles says:

    Bob, I recommend turning off the screensaver and setting the background to a solid color. I haven’t had any issues with the mouse freezing after leaving the VM sitting for about 10 hours. This may fix your problem.

  22. PP says:

    It may be possible that key-repeat problem might have to do something with dual processors and having 2 cpu. i didn’t had this problem when i had installed tiger and also leopard but installed as 1-cpu virtual machine. I also had this issue with ubuntu, but that was in older version of VMware. Try installing the system with 1 CPU, maybe that will help.

  23. Just to add my 2p pence: I installed using two processors but had to add the paevm line and change to darwin as guestOS. BUT then had to swap to ONE processor to boot it up after install. HTH anyone in similar predicament.

  24. DnmmX says:

    My Host OS is Windows XP – 32 Bit.
    Can I install this/use this in VMWare ?
    I am having Vmware Workstation 6.5.3. and I am able to run Mac OS X 10.5.5. But this requires to set the OS as “FreeBSD 64-Bit”, and when I try to set it, it gives me error like “64-Bit Guest OS are not supported by this host and will not run” 😦

    • bobhood says:

      All my systems are running 64-bit versions of Windows, so I have no means of testing this VM under a purely 32-bit version. I think somebody posted previously that it did in fact run under 32-bit Windows using VMware, but you’d have to try it out for yourself, since YMMV.

  25. Jam says:

    It works but!!!! How long did the installation took? My got hang in at the 3 minutes remaining mark. Any ideas I would really appreciated it.

    Thank you.

    • bobhood says:

      Um….did it work, or did it not. In either case, there’s not much I can do to help you. I have found that these installation instructions will work on one of my Vista 64-bit machines and not another, so it is very hardware sensitive.

      To answer your question: For me, to get to the Mac OS X install screen took no more than a couple of minutes (tops).

  26. Spidy says:

    Thanks for this nice tutorial.

    Two things I needed to do after sucessfull installation:
    I had to append
    in the .vmx File
    It kept reseting, so I changed the CPU cores for this VM to 1 and then it booted. After an initial hang it booted without problem.

  27. Sumi says:

    Hello Bobhood,
    Thanks a lot for your post.
    I have installed it successfully and running MAC fine.
    But how to get DVD drive working with this?
    I can not burn or read anything.
    Please help.

    • bobhood says:

      Another of the things that I have no solution for (the other big one is sound). I’m sure there are solutions (or at least approaches) out there somewhere. Google is your friend. 🙂

      Bear in mind that I didn’t create the iDeneb distribution. I just happen to get lucky and find the right combination of computer hardware and VMware version that allowed me to get it installed into a virtual machine. I have done little more beyond that, in actual fact.

  28. Subh says:

    Hi Bobhood,
    Thank you for this nice post boss. Finally my dream of working with Mac(Without having an actual hardware) has come true. The ideneb iso did not work from virtual drve. However, I burnt it and from a physical DVD and it worked fine (except more than an hour it took to install). The final mac os res is 1024 x 768 and it is working without sound. My actual res is 1920 x 1080. Any idea how to fit the res and the sound ? Again, thanks any way for making it run on my pc.

    • Tobias says:

      Hey Subh.
      I personally have a screen res of 1680×1050, what i did to get it fullscreen/my size was to type in

      F8 at boot, then: “Graphics Mode”=”1920x1080x32” -v

    • bobhood says:

      I don’t know about the sound. Since it is not important to my needs, I did not look for a solution. You’ll have to find that one on your own (and post it here, if you do, so others can benefit).

      As for the screen res, I believe I included a link at the end of the main article above that shows how to set whatever screen resolution you want, permanently. You’ll need to be able to (re)boot your Mac OSX VM in order to use it, but if you’ve successfully installed already, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

  29. Subh says:

    Hello Tobias,
    Your suggestion worked during installataion and then the resolution of the working area revert back to 1024X768 again. So, I edited the file and at last it worked. My virtual Mac is running at 1920×1080 res. Thanks to Bobhood and to you too.

    • Tobias says:

      Great man! Glad to hear, mine is personally running at 90GB harddrive and 1680×1050 😀

      Do you have any idea if i can increase the size even more or should i stay with this for now? I mean i wan’t the machine to be a little bit faster than it is right now.

  30. Subh says:

    Increasing the volume of your hardrive will certainly not solve your problem. I goggle your question and one web site came up with general ideas like cleaning your desktop, any gadget which is not in use and so on. My sound card is not detected so far. However the striking feature is it detected my USB camera and the microphone attached to it. It is showing in the voice capture device list. But I can’t taste it because of absence of output device. If some one has an external sound card with USB interface, that might work with this MAC.

  31. Your Tutorial helped me a lot. I am on the installation part…I will leave another comment if it works …Again all the thanks . This is probably the only fully explained tutorial that I’ve Seen!

  32. Kikas says:


    I am using Leopard 10.5.6 with Vmware and everything is working, but when i go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ the file its not here, i try to do a search with “Finder” but seems that this file does not exist on my system, can anyone tell me where is this file on Leopard 10.5.6 please?

    Other question, when i boot vmware, if i press F8 and write “Graphics Mode”=”1280x1024x32” then the boot will go to a a fresh install, even if i already have one installed, even more strange if i press F8 and just press enter, the same happens, instead of going to my leopard, it goes to the new installation menu, anyone have the same problem?

    Thanks for your time,regards.

  33. Ike L says:

    Hi Bob,
    When my VM boots, it goes straight to this VM has entered a shutdown state and constantly restarts. I have tried in graphics mode and stratight -v with no luck. I followed your instructions I thought. What am I doing wrong?

    • bobhood says:

      Hi, Ike.

      I don’t know specifically what is wrong with your installation. However, I discovered in this process that it is very sensitive to hardware configuration. For example, I could accomplish this installation using the steps I outlined using my ASUS notebook (Intel Core 2 Duo/4GB/Vista 64-bit), but it would not work using my desktop machine (Intel Core 2 Quad [Q6600]/8GB/Vista 64-bit). If you have access, I’d recommend trying on another hardware configuration.

      Alternately, if it would be an option for you, you can simply download the pre-created VM I uploaded and try using that directly. The link for that is posted earlier in the comments.

  34. Ike L says:

    can I update that one? Trying to install the SDK and need to have all updates installed.

    Thanks so much..happy holidays..

    • bobhood says:

      Any kind of installation that requires a reboot will likely result in a failure. If you cannot create the VM using my steps, then you are probably not going to be able to support a restart of the existing VM. Bear in mind, I’ve not tried taking that pre-created VM and seeing if it will (re)boot using the mounted iDeneb ISO file. It may work, it may not.

      I know that Xcode 3.x will install without requiring a reboot. I don’t know about any other frameworks you might be looking to use, however.

      Also, I’ve also written a post about installing 10.6 (Snow Leopard) into a VMware Workstation 7 environment. That went MUCH smoother than this Workstation 6.x/10.5 set up, so if you have WS 7 available, you might want to look at that instead and just bypass this headache.

  35. Ike L says:

    Ok, I tried that one, from the torrent and it says that mac osx is not supported with this host system and it seems that I can’t change it. Sorry about all this! Im using VMware 7

  36. rapahel says:

    VMware 7 – iDeneb_v1.1_10.5.4 on Windows 7 64 bit.
    thank you so much! i am spending the last 3 days trying to get the iDeneb_v1.1_10.5.4 to work on my VMware 7. Finally i found this posting which was very helpful. YET what ever i do…. i can not get to see the desktop is keeps booting again and again…. no end.
    Please if someone can direct me i would be so thankful. any questions about the settings… i simply followed the instructions above.
    Thanks!!! Raphael.

  37. Ike L says:

    I had that, I changed the processor from 1 to 2 and increased the memory and also, removed the network adapter. What happens when you boot -v or in the ” Graphics Mode”

  38. madmix says:

    Success!! I already installed iDeneb 10.5.6 on VMWare 7.
    And CD/DVD, I use “Use ISO Image” than using the drive/mount.

  39. gasykara says:

    OOOOOOOOOOO Merd, j n’arrive tjr pas a installer MAC sur mon PC sou vmware.
    ca fait 2mois.
    ki peut m’aider.

  40. dakan9el says:

    Just installed this on an i7 920 system, smooth install and also updated to 10.5.7

    excellent info and tut, thanks.

    installed FCE 7, GarageSale, iLife 09 and a few other progams


  41. GunnzAkimbo says:

    Installed as directed using vmware V7


    if i install 10.5.8 update, will it change the hackintosh build back into retail so it doesn’t boot anymore?

  42. depeche says:

    i cannot seem to get past the initial few items that load up

    Loading Darwin/x86
    loading kernal
    loading hfs+

    Loading HFS+ file: [dsdt.aml]
    Starting Darwin/x86

    and then it locks up with a pop up from VMware saying a virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state….

    any ideas?

    intel core I7 920, win7, 64 bit, can’t run from the virtual disk so i have to select the .iso for the CD/DVD. 2 gigs RAM selected (machine has 8), 30 gig hard drive, etc. etc.

  43. Phil says:

    Thank you!!!!

    This also works with the “iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 (Final)” image!

    You only habe to choose “Installer disc image file(iso)” for the image in the Create VM-Wizard!
    Then you have to switch the “guestos” entry in the .vmx before you boot for the first time(also before installation)!
    After the installation you have to mount the image in DaemonTools(or something like that) and change the boot to “Auto…” (like it is explained above)!


  44. Matt says:

    Ive tried installing it a few times now and everytime I get the error message, virtual cpu has entereed shutdown state. Also I have found a vmx file, although it seems to be very lacking compared to to others i have seen. Anyone able to help me please? 😦

  45. Nonold says:

    VMware saying me : A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state.

    I saw Alan response … but .. i don’t find where do this settings.
    Can i have more explication please ?

  46. Abe says:

    I am doing everything you told me but, during the instillation, it stops at 2 minitues remaining. What amm i doing wrong?

  47. Dsstech says:

    Well i Followed it and it just stays at the boot image with the wheel going and a circle above the apple. it aint booting.

  48. Martijn says:

    Doesn’t work. Well, installing does, but I fails to boot up.
    VMWare says stack error panic. When booting with -v -x it keeps looping about VMWare Virtual Keyboard error.

  49. Matty says:

    I got it going ok, but i’m using 4gb core 2 duo 2.3ghz and it almost burns out the processor when I run it. Brings the CPU temps to dangerous levels and its a new gaming laptop!!

  50. Eskay says:

    Thanks, got everything working except Logitech Pro 9000 cam and Realtek High Definition Audio from board.
    Runs smoothly on a basic 2.7GHz platform with 2Mb memory.

  51. SMAP says:

    Hi Bob, i currently installing this Mac OS, but im using a iDeneb v 1.4 10.5.6 ISO.
    i install it on my laptop a compaq 515 with AMD X 2 processor and ATI HD3200 VGA.
    i dont know will it works or not. because like you mention above about AMD processors, this wont work (ideneb).
    but i giving it a try anyway.
    give you the update after the install complete.

    btw, im currently 3 hours to completion of the install..
    What the hell…
    but no pain no gain…

  52. SMAP says:

    well i followed all the steps here
    but the installer leavfe me hanging on 3 minutes remaining for hours!
    im running on Windows XP, is it the problem because you run on a 7 64bit…
    i dunno…anyone?

  53. Polandos says:

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!! I cant get it running it says at thr bottom mac os x server 64-bit is not installed

  54. Polandos says:

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!! I cant get it running it says at thr bottom mac os x server 64-bit is not installed i have intel procesor

  55. kristi says:

    Hey I’ve installed it via VMWare 7,but as soon as it boots,it gets a kernel panic!I’ve got an HP G62 notebook with Intel i5-460m,3gb of RAM and an ATi HD5470…I’ve installed all the language translations,the additional fonts and all the drivers(except video drivers,I’ve installed only the ATi ones).What could be wrong?

  56. Rony says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just tried it on Win7-VMWare7
    It worked very well. I just burned the iDeneb .iso file to a DVD
    After the installation is done and changing the guestOS from freebsd-64 to darwin-64, it booted properly under the condition that the DVD is in the DVD-Drive.
    Another good news, is that I was able to upgrade to 10.5.8 and it worked too.
    This is the best trick ever since I was looking for a solution for the last 2 months.

  57. Thanks for this blog instructions.

    Followed them and they worked perfectly. Installed the Mac version on Windows 7 running VMware 6.5.

    The only suggestion I would recommend is to check you host resolution before you install to get the resolution you would like. Changing it later is a shlep. Other than that, this was the simplest method to install.

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